Software Management Solution 7.0 SP1 MR1 Release Notes

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Symantec™ Software Management Solution 7.0 SP1 MR1

Release Notes

Build number 7.0.1505

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Software Management Solution provides intelligent and bandwidth-sensitive distribution and management of software from a central Web console. It significantly reduces desktop visits and lets you easily support your mobile work force.

Software Management Solution also lets users directly download and install approved software or request other software.

This maintenance release contains fixes for issues that were reported for Software Management Solution 7.0 and 7.0 SP1. For more information, see the following knowledge base articles:

  • 40926, Software Management Solution 7.0 Release Notes
  • 46575, Software Management Solution 7.0 SP1 Release Notes

An additional release is available for this version of Software Management Solution. For more information, see knowledge base article 49265, Software Management Solution 7.0 SP2 Release Notes.

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Prerequisites and system requirements

The prerequisites and system requirements for this maintenance release are the same as for Software Management Solution 7.0 SP1.

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This maintenance release is an update to Software Management Solution 7.0 SP1. You can install this update by using the Symantec Installation Manager.

For more information about installing an update, see the Symantec Management Platform Installation Guide.

See also knowledge base article 45732, Installing the Symantec Management Platform products.

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Fixed Issues in this Release

The following table lists the previous issues that were fixed in this release. If an article ID is included, you can click the link for additional information.

Issue Article ID
Groups that were added to the Software Portal permissions list did not appear in the list.

When you published a software resource to the Software Portal and you added a domain group or a local group, the group did not appear in the group list on the Software Publishing tab. The members of that group could see that software resource in the Software Portal. However, because the group did not appear on the Software Publishing tab, you could not assign portal permissions for that group.

Local user logons to the Software Portal caused log errors.

When a local user logged on to the Software Portal, errors appeared in the Altiris log.

Duplicate user or group names affected the accessibility of software in the Software Portal.

This issue occurred when a domain user or group had the same name as a local user or group. When a software resource was published to a domain user or group, it was actually published to the duplicate local user or group. As a result, the domain user or group could not access that software.

The Software Portal Administrators and Software Portal Managers security roles could not access their role's views and options in the portal.

If a user was added to the Software Portal Administrators security role or Software Portal Managers security role as part of a domain group, that user had the following restrictions:

  • A Software Portal Manager could not see the manager-specific views and options on the Manage page in the Software Portal.
  • A Software Portal Administrator could not see the Administrator Portal in the Symantec Management Console.

Also, due to a restriction of the Windows operating system, security role access could not be defined for local groups.

Software Portal managers did not receive user requests under certain circumstances.

When a user was added to a Software Portal manager's User Profile page as part of a group, the manager did not receive that user's software requests. Instead, that user's software requests were forwarded directly to the Administrator Portal page.

After an authorized user accessed the Software Portal, any other user could access it.

After an authorized user accessed the Software Portal, any other user could access it for software that was published for one or more user groups. A caching issue on the Notification Server computer allowed this unauthorized access. When the cache was dumped, the Software Portal access was blocked for unauthorized users until another authorized user accessed the portal.

An "invalid license" error sometimes occurred after a user configured their user profile in the Software Portal.

In the Software Portal, on the User Profile page, after a user entered their information and clicked Save Changes, the following error sometimes appeared:

"The computer from which you are accessing the Software Portal does not have a valid Symantec license. Please contact your administrator."

Local users could not be added to a manager's list of users in the Software Portal.

In the Software Portal, on the User Profile page, a manager can add the users whose software requests the manager can process. However, if the Notification Server computer is not a member of the Active Directory domain, the manager could not add local users to the list.

Subordinate users' names were displayed incorrectly on the Software Portal Manager’s Profile page.

On the Software Portal Profile page, when a Software Portal manager added a user to their profile and then saved the profile, the subordinate user's logon name was incorrectly displayed instead of their full name.

Managed Software Delivery tasks that were requested through the Software Portal worked only once.

When a Managed Software Delivery task was requested by multiple users on multiple client computers, only the user who made the first request received the software.


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