Altiris Asset Management Suite 7.0 from Symantec Release Notes

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This document provides information about known issues that relate to Altiris Asset Management Solution 7.0 from Symantec. Asset Management Suite is available separately or as part of Altiris IT Management Suite 7.0 from Symantec.

  • See also: Altiris IT Management Suite 7.0 from Symantec Release Notes article 51492.

Solution Specific Release Notes

Release notes for each of the Solutions that are included in this Suite are also available. To view release notes for a Solution, click the Article ID link in the following table:

Solution Article ID
Altiris Barcode Solution from Symantec
Altiris CMDB Solution from Symantec

Installation and upgrade


  • Symantec Management Platform 7.0
  • Internet Explorer 7 or later

New installation

You can install this product by using the Symantec Installation Manager. You can download the installation files directly to your server or you can create offline installation packages. For more information, see the Symantec Management Platform Installation Guide (see Knowledgebase article 45732).


You can upgrade this product from 6.x versions if you run the Symantec Installation Manager on a Notification Server 6.x computer. To upgrade from the 6.x version, you must first upgrade your 6.x Notification Server to Symantec Management Platform 7.0 or later. During the Notification Server upgrade process, you can select to upgrade to the latest version of this product.
For more information, see the Symantec Management Platform Installation Guide (see Knowledgebase article 45732).

Known issues in this release

The following are known issues for this release. If additional information about an issue is available, click the Article ID link.

Issue Article ID Internal ID
"License count for CMDB exceeded" error message

When accessing CMDB-related pages, you might see a message stating "License count for CMDB exceeded." This error most often occurs immediately after installing Asset Management Solution onto a platform that already has CMDB Solution installed. To avoid receiving this error message, you must wait for up to five minutes and try again.

Deleting associated resources

When deleting a resource, you should make sure to update any other resources that reference the resource being deleted. For example, if you delete a user who is assigned as a stockroom manager, you should assign a new user as stockroom manager. Failing to update references, such as Resource Associations and Data Class foreign keys, may result in references to resources that do not exist.



Virtual Associations page

Some default associations are provided as part of the product and cannot be changed. If you attempt to edit any out-of-the-box virtual associations, you will get an error.

Server error on the Summed Cost Item by User report

Clicking the "Home button on the Summed Cost Item by User" report might produce a server error.

Adding a web part to the Software Product Licensing Summary page

You may receive an error when attempting to add a web part to the "Software Product Licensing Summary" page.

Authorized Installs for Software Product reports

"Authorized Installs for Software Product" reports show all users in the Authorized Clients data class instead of just the owners of the computers that have the installed software product.

Some legacy software licensing reports fail to run

This version includes new software license reports that deliver the same reporting functionality as reports in prior versions. With this version update, some of the legacy reports located in Reports > 6.0 Legacy Reports fail to run. Instead, you should use the new software license reports located in Reports > Service and Asset Management. Legacy reports that fail to run include the following:

  • Computers' Authorization by Software License
  • Computers by Software License
  • Computers' Software by Software License
  • Computers with Inventoried and Non Inventoried Installs
  • Owners' Authorization by Software License
  • Primary Users' Authorization by Software License
  • Software Products by Computer
  • Software Purchases Associated with Multiple Software Licenses
Resource Association Diagram requires Adobe Flash Player
The Resource Association Diagram (RAD) requires the Adobe Flash player plug-in for Internet Explorer. When accessing the Resource Association Diagram page for the first time, you are prompted to download the plug-in. In the process of downloading, Internet Explorer might block access to the Adobe download site. If it does, the message only displays in the information bar. If the download is blocked, you can either manually download the Adobe Flash player or add the following to the list of trusted sites for Internet Explorer.
Resource list report options
When viewing a list of resources by using a picker, selector, or resource list page, the reports that can be used to view the information can be selected from a drop-down list at the top left of the page. You can update the options in this drop-down list by changing the "Associated Reports" on the edit page for the desired resource type.
Turn off active task schedules during the migration process
All active task schedules need to be turned off during the entire migration process. Otherwise, the migration process may produce discrepancies.
Configuring security permissions
Because of a security change introduced in Notification Server 7.0 SP3, the 'Software' menu item is missing for Asset Manager in the default installation of Asset Management. We recommend that you let Symantec Administrator manually assign Read permission to Asset Manager as part of security configuration.
Software licensing limitation in Notification Server hierarchy
There is a  limitation for the Software Licensing component in a Notification Server hierarchy. Currently no replication rules are available for software data in the Inventory Solution and Software Management Framework (also called the software resource model). Asset Management Suite 7 supports software licensing functionality only at the top node of a hierarchy.
Modifying user-defined dataclasses that have a Resource Foreign Key attribute
You cannot modify the Resource Foreign Key attribute data for a user-defined dataclass after it has been created. This is due to a user interface issue in CMDB Solution.
Associating a Software License with a Software Product
On the edit page of a Software License, you should use the pencil icon to associate it with a Software Product instead of using the link. If the link field is already populated, the Software Product displays in edit mode without any user editable values.
Duplicate receiving types
When upgrading from Notification Server 6.5, the count for receiving item names is reset. This reset might result in duplicate item names being created. You can avoid this by manually updating the counter value that is held in the AeXNSAssetTagCounter table of the platform database.
Selecting a Software Purchase during the migration process
When migrating 6.5 legacy software licenses to 7.0, a selected software purchase that is already associated with a software license will cause the migration to fail and write an exception to the log file. To avoid this issue, you need to select a software purchase that is not associated to a software license. You can then continue the migration.
Unable to use the Set Asset Status task for a dynamic list
When creating a Set Asset Status task and using it with an automation policy, you are not able to use a dynamic list.  The list must be static and set in the task. For more information, see
51660 1974234
Uninstalled software is still counted

If you uninstall software, the compliance report still counts it as being installed.


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Where to get more information

The product includes the following documentation:

Document Description Location

User Guide

Information about how to use this product, including detailed technical information and instructions for performing common tasks.

This information is available in PDF format.


Information about how to use this product. This information is the same as in the User’s Guide.

Help is available at the solution level and at the suite level.

This information is available in HTML help format.

The Documentation Library, which is available in the Symantec Management Console on the Help menu.

Context-sensitive help is available for most screens in the Symantec Management Console.

You can open context-sensitive help in the following ways:

  • The F1 key.
  • The Context command, which is available in the Symantec Management Console on the Help menu.
Asset Management Suite Workflow KB Asset Management Suite includes pre-built workflows to help you complete asset management tasks, such as lease notification, ownership validation, and purchase requests. These workflows are provided in a compressed (.zip) file and can be unzipped and installed after installing Asset Management Suite.

For more information, you can use the following resources:

Resource Description Location

Implementation Guide

Information about how to install, configure, and implement this product.

This information is available in PDF format.

Symantec Management Platform Release Notes

Information about new features and important issues in the Symantec Management Platform.

This information is available as an article in the knowledgebase.

You can also search for the product name under Release Notes.

Installing the Symantec Management Platform products

Information about using Symantec Installation Manager to install the Symantec Management Platform products.

This information is available as an article in the knowledgebase.

Altiris 7 Planning and Implementation Guide

Information about capacity recommendations, design models, scenarios, test results, and optimization best practices to consider when planning or customizing an Altiris 7 Infrastructure for your organization.

This information is available as an article in the knowledgebase.

Knowledge Base

Articles, incidents, and issues about this product.

Symantec Connect (formerly the Altiris Juice)

An online magazine that contains best practices, tips, tricks, and articles for users of this product.

Online Forums

Forums for users of this product.

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