Workflow 7.0 Service Pack 2 release notes

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Fixes in this Service Pack:

  1. 21933 Resource Generator now ignores duplicate data classes from the Notification Server instead of creating those components. (etrack #: 1929654)
  2. 22157 Listbox web control now persists selection on postback (other post back issues have also been corrected).
  3. 21984 Sharepoint Doc List component now returns output data to the process. (etrack #: 1929651)
  4. 22081 Installer now persists process manager password when Workflow is upgraded.
  5. 22179 Autocomplete web control now persists on postback. (etrack #: 1929655)
  6. 22188 Get ticket categories component now does not stop at 300 tickets.
  7. 21818 Organization Unit Selection now includes groups.
  8. 22246 AD sync now works when users have escaped characters.
  9. 22230 AD Sync now handles Organization Units correctly when there are duplicated names.
  10. 22769 Reports - Select All button now available in group edit capabilities (etrack #: 1936316)
  11. 22767 Option not to sync groups at all now available in AD sync (etrack #: 1936314)
  12. 22763 Ability to clone permissions of a group to another existing group now available (etrack #: 1936307)
  13. 22760 Workflow Server Silent Install now available (etrack #: 1936300)
  14. 22732 Added support for keyword and tagging to KB module (etrack #: 1935182)
  15. 22230 AD Sync now handles Organizational Units correctly when they have the same name.
  16. 23100 Problem regarding identical Tracking IDs being used for multiple processes is now resolved. (etrack #: 1952061)
  17. 23174 Scheduled reports now running properly. (etrack #: 1960311)

NOTE: Workflow Server now installs silently on the Symantec Management Platform computer using the Workflow persistence file method. If the SMP is installed to a non-default location, the silent install of Workflow Server will still install on C. To change the location of the installation, uninstall Workflow Server and then manually run the Symantec Workflow solution .exe file. This file is available on the Manage Workflow Servers page in the Symantec Management Console.
When you upgrade from Workflow 6.5, refer to the Workflow 7.0 Installation and Configuration guide ( When you upgrade, note that the installer uses Ensemble/SQl persistence setting regardless of the original setting. If something different was set, choose new install to update the settings.

When you install the service pack, in the Install New Products dialog box in Symantec Installation Manager, you need only to select Symantec Workflow Solution SP2. When installing service pack 1, Symantec Installation Manager automatically marked other checkboxes, such as NS Web Services. SIM no longer does this in SP2.

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