CMS 6 and Windows 7 Compatibility

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Does the Current Shipping Version of Client Management Suite (CMS) 6 Support Microsoft Windows 7?


When Windows 7 was released, Symantec tested the then-current version of CMS with Windows 7 and had found that most functionality works properly with some exceptions that are listed below.


On April 30, 2010, an update was released which enhances support of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

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Known issues with Windows 7


Notification Server and Other Platform Components

1.       Windows 7 operating system display name is Windows Vista

When you install Altiris Agent using the PUSH method, the console displays the Windows 7 operating system as Windows Vista, but after the installation is complete the computer name is displayed as Windows 7 operating system. Resource discovery also identifies Windows 7 operating system as Windows Vista.

2.       When you push the Altiris Agent from another subnet to Windows 7, you do not get grid updates

3.       Log-on and log-off events for a user are not generated. NSE content for users is not recorded correctly.

4.       The report under Altiris Agent Deployment folder should support Dclient as this will be installed instead of Aclient in Windows7

5.       On windows Vista and windows 7 the data class Aex AC NT services do not show all the available services 

6.       Task management: Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) computers appear in the install list of task server candidates. Windows 7 is not supported as a Task Server OS.



1. The standalone package is not able to gather inventory if User Access Control (UAC) is enabled on Windows 7 or Windows Vista SP2

If UAC is enabled on Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 2008 operating systems, the standalone package does not gather any inventory.


Select “Run as Administrator” privileges for the standalone package to run when UAC is enabled on Windows 7 or Windows Vista SP2.


2. AexBasicInventory.dll version for Inventory and AexBasicInventory.dll version for Notification Server mismatch

The version of AeXBasicInventory.dll in the <osinstalldrive>\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent folder and <osinstalldrive>\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NS Cap\Bin\Win32\x86 must be the same, but many times a version mismatch occurs.


Copy the AeXBasicInventory.dll from the <osinstalldrive>\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NS Cap\Bin\Win32\x86 to the <osinstalldrive>\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent folder.

3. Special Group data class does not work on Windows 7 or Windows Vista SP2

The Special Group inventory is not gathered on the Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, and Windows 2008 operating systems.

4. Few inventory dataclasses are not correctly shown in resource manager

·         Scan duration item in Audit result data class is not recorded correctly for Windows 7

·         ACL data class show user ‘everyone’ even though this user does not have the rights to the folder for Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) and Windows vista 32 bit



1. Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2 64-bit client computers not displayed

When you install the Application Metering Agent on Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2 64-bit operating systems by using the PUSH method, the Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2 64-bit client computers are not displayed on the "Client Requiring Application Metering Agent Install/Upgrade" collection page.


Install the Application Metering Agent on the Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2 64-bit operating systems by using the PULL method.



1. Status shown as default after installing updates

2. Installation failed for the Update MS09-062 Office2007-972581-fullfile-x86-glb.exe on Windows Vista SP2 client machine

3. When Package does not exist physically on server patch agent should not retry continuously it should stop retying

4. Not able to import Patch Management Core Solution policy XML file

5. Enable checkbox missing on Default MS Inventory Policy page

6. Warning is displayed on various pages of Software Inventory configuration even after selecting a collection node

7. Global Update Schedule on agent seems inappropriate for multiple schedules


Software Delivery


No known issues.




No known issues. Deployment Solution was previously updated to include Windows 7 support (Deployment Solution 6.9 SP3).


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