Altiris™ Deployment Solution 6.9 SP4 from Symantec Release Notes

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Altiris™ Deployment Solution 6.9 SP4 from Symantec
Release Notes


What's new

Installation and upgrade

Fixed issues in this release

Known issues in this release

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Deployment Solution software helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers, desktops, notebooks, and thin clients from a centralized location in your environment. It's an easy-to-use, automated deployment solution that offers OS deployment, configuration, computer personality migration, and software deployment across different hardware platforms and OS types.

Deployment Solution no longer supports Windows 2000. For a list of supported platforms, see Knowledge Base article 51607, which contains a list of the Deployment Solution 6.9 SP4 supported platforms and system requirements.

For the documentation, see the following articles:

For the Release Notes of earlier versions of Deployment Solution 6.9, see the following articles:

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What's new

The following are new features of DS 6.9 SP4:

Installation and upgrade

Some HP thin-client models do not require you to purchase licenses of Deployment Solution while others do. Contact your HP representative to get a list of the models in each category.

Where to download

Deployment Solution 6.9 SP4 can be obtained from Deployment Solution 6.9 SP4 is a full-product installation and can be upgraded from Deployment Solution 6.8 or 6.9 versions.

New installation

The installation process for Deployment Solution 6.9 SP4 is the same as it was for Deployment Solution 6.9 and 6.8. For detailed instructions, including the minimum rights for the OS and SQL, please see the Deployment Solution 6.8 Installation Guide.

Upgrade installations

When you are performing an upgrade or installing another Deployment Solution version, ensure that you don't have a remote console running. The remote console must be shut down before you try to upgrade or reinstall the Deployment Solution software.

Stop the following services on your Deployment Server before starting the upgrade process: Altiris Deployment Server Data Manager, Altiris Deployment Server DBManagement, Altiris Express Server, Altiris PXE Server, Altiris PXE Manager, Altiris Config Helper, and Altiris PXE MTFTP Server.

Upgrading from Deployment Solution 6.8 SP1, SP2 and DS 6.9
Upgrading from Deployment Solution 6.8 (Disable AutoUpgrade due to KB 33129).

Silent installation

Deployment Solution lets you walk through the Deployment Solution installation wizard to create an answer file (install.ini) that automatically sets options when running a silent install. For details on this process, see article 22602, "Can Deployment Solution be installed silently?".

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Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in this release:

Fixed Issue Article ID
Any domain that has an Organizational Unit cannot be joined with Deployment Solution if the computer has never been on that domain.  
AClient displays the manufacturer information for VMware as No Enclosure.  
The Modify Configuration task fails when run in automation and using firm to copy the configuration file.  
MSI installations fail with error 1603 when running a distribute software job with a different user than the user that logged in.  
Win32 console crashes when attempting to remote control four or more clients separately in its own window.  
Trying to remote control a computer that has a multi-colored (picture) desktop background displays the colors incorrectly or has lines throughout the display.  
Scripts fail to fully execute when run under the Run as user context in a script task.  
Organizational Unit not importing with a CSV file when part of a domain.  
In the UI, information about an Organizational Unit is not being retained when you add a new computer through the console.  
For DAgent, an OS description is not displayed for Hyper-V in the RDP console.  
Cannot open the Web console on Windows x64.  
Jobs start to assign and then crash, leaving you at the console with no message. This is a dns_suffix table rights issue.  
DAgent/AClient properties show the Unknown status for all services that are running on nodes.  
Security modifications need to be enabled within child folders.  
Silent install is not using the specified SQL account during the installation.  
Update password for scheduled (existing) jobs when domain account and passwords change.  
File Base Writer Filter on the WES system displays the Error accessing the desktop message.  
Windows CE 6.0 stops communicating with the Deployment server when encryption is enabled.  
If the FBWF is in use the first time you try and change the computer name, an error occurs.  
The time zone is not set correctly during Sysprep Image Capture.  
AClient cannot install on FAT32.  
For RHEL 5.3, after Image Deploy, ifcfg-ethX file does not have HWADDR variable.  
The PXE server responds when the Enable response to requests from computers not in the database option is unchecked.  
HP DC 7xxx shows in the database as node_type 4 when it should show as node_type 3.  
For DAgent, the OS description is not displayed for Hyper-V in the RDP console.  
An unknown exit code returns when you run tasks against Macintosh nodes that are running Darwin ADLagent 2.6-74.  
When running a silent install with the /L switch, an invalid switch is received when running AXInstall.  
With RDP and Altiris 6.9 SP3 Build 430, there's an intermittent Boot Wizard crash when you create DOS PXE images with multiple NIC drivers.  
A security change made to AClient for another defect breaks AClient.  
Include DS ActiveX control vulnerability patch 49568.  
Jobs start to assign and then crash to the console with no message displayed.  
ADLagent needs to properly handle all failure cases of the reply=ConfigFile message.  
Updated the WinPE and Linux drivers.  
Fixed denial of service vulnerability with dbmanager.exe.  

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Known issues

The following are known issues in this release:

Known Issue Article ID
Console takes 50 seconds to load when "Display only computers and jobs the user has rights to manager" is enabled.  
A Windows failed to start error displays when Windows 7 images are deployed in a Linux or DOS preboot environment.  
Copy an existing localized system job folder loses localization function.  
The Agent Update Jobs string isn't translated in a Chinese console.  
The shortcuts view is not listed in the View menu for Japanese.  
IBM HS22 blades are not reporting the correct bay information. IBM has a firmware update that solves this issue.  
"Encrypt session communication with Deployment Server" is always checked on.  52649
Ghost does not recognize Production Partition while using WinPE embedded partitions  52880
Dagent won''t connect to DS if it''s unable to delete Setupcomplete.cmd at start up  53053
 Installing dos automation partition on the t5740 fails to connect to the ds server.  53579
 Problem rebuilding IBM System X IdataPlex DX360  53842

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Where to get more information

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