Symantec™ Workspace Corporate 6.2 MP1 Release Notes (incl. Workspace Remote)

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Build number 6.2.243


Symantec Workspace Corporate provides secure and efficient connection brokerage, single sign-on, local printing and location awareness functionality between end-users, virtual workspaces, and other centralized resources.


Workspace Corporate Requirements

The following table provides a description of the Workspace Corporate requirements.


Requirement and description

Workspace Corporate Server

Operating systems:

·         Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

·         Windows Server 2008 SP2 x86

·         Windows Server 2003 SP2 x86 and x 64


·         Server-class hardware with 800-MHz  minimum  processor

·         512 MB RAM minimum, 3 GB recommended

·         40 GB local disk space

Endpoints, Workspace Corporate

Operating systems:

·         Windows 7 x64 and x86

·         Windows XP SP3 x86

·         Windows XP Embedded SP3 (XPE)

·         Wyse CE 6.0 (Winterm)


·         Minimum hardware as required by the host operating system.

·         10-MB  disk  space

·         USB, serial, and other ports as required by pcProx or biometric devices

Web browsers that are supported by the Administration Utility

·         Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8

·         Mozilla Firefox 3 (see the release notes for limitations)


·         Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP3 x86 and x64

·         Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP1 x86 and x64

SQL Server can be hosted on the same computer as Workspace Corporate in small environments. SQL server should or can be installed in a database cluster in large environments.

Remote Desktop Connection 6.1

Version 6.1 is recommended due to known issues with version 6.0. Versions 5.1 and 5.2 are also supported.

Download Remote Desktop Connection 6.1

Internet Information Services (IIS) and ASP.NET 2.0 or later 

See the Windows Server documentation.

Windows Network Load Balancer or equivalent (NLB is included with Windows Server)

See the Windows Server documentation.

SQL data replication features (included with SQL Server)

See the SQL Server documentation.

Terminal Server or Citrix licensed and operational on your network.

See the Microsoft or Citrix documentation.

Active Directory

 See the Active Directory documentation.


Workspace Remote Requirements

The following table provides a description of the additional components required by Workspace Remote.


Requirement and description

Remote Gateway Server

·         Operating systems:

·         Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

·         Windows Server 2008 SP2 x86

·         Windows Server 2003 SP2 x86 and x 64


·         Server-class hardware with 800-MHz  minimum  processor

·         512 MB RAM minimum, 2 GB recommended.

·         40 GB local disk space

Endpoints, Workspace Remote

Operating systems:

·         Windows 7 x86 and x64

·         Windows Vista x86 and X64

·         Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 


·         Minimum hardware as required by the host operating system.

·         10-MB  disk  space



Complete installation instructions are included in the Symantec Workspace Corporate 6.2 Implementation Guide. This guide is available with the product download.



Installation and Upgrade Known Issues


Active sessions during upgrade prevent the upgrade from completing.

Upgrade to 6.2 MP2

Ensure that the server does not have any active sessions before you upgrade.

After an upgrade from 6.1 MP3 the website might not start automatically.

Upgrade from 6.1 MP3

If the website does not start, you can start it manually by completing the following:

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Component Services.
  2. In Component Services, double-click the computer name and then open to COM+ Applications.
  3. If the SWCS applications are not running, right-click and select Start.

If you reinstall the Corporate Agent,  the existing settings are not overwritten if new values are selected.

Agent reinstallation

Change the Agent settings using the Workstation Manager in the Administration Utility.

A windows installer error might display when modifying the installation on Windows

Modify installation in Add/Remove Programs

The windows installer error indicates that the “Windows installer has stopped working”. This error does not affect the components you selected to install, the installation changes are made successfully.

A manual server reboot is required after performing an upgrade.

Server upgrade from previous version

Reboot the server after the installation completes.

After upgrading from 6.1, the server name needs to be added to the network application for Win2008 (x64)/Windows 7

Upgrade from 6.1

In the Administration Utility, browse to Applications > Network and add your server name to the Win2008 (x64)/Windows 7 command line field.

After upgrading the Workspace Remote agent you might be prompted to reboot.

Workspace Remote Agent upgrade

Reboot the computer to complete the upgrade.

When upgrading the Workspace Remote agent a Modify\Repair\Remove window displays instead of an upgrade window.

Workspace Remote Agent upgrade

This occurs if the Workspace Remote Agent is running. Close the Web browser before performing the upgrade.

Agent installation fails without displaying an error message. This can be caused by an error during the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable silent installation.

Agent installation.

Check Add/Remove Programs to confirm that the Visual C++ 2005 redistributable did not install.
If the redistributable is not installed, open the local %TEMP% folder and run the vcredist*.exe installation (there are 2 EXEs for 64-bit, run them both). If a subsequent problem occurs, record the error message displayed by the installation and contact Microsoft support.

Users receive incorrect desktop type after you apply SWC 6.2 MP1 HF1

Upgrade to 6.2 MP1 HF1

See KB #53749

Workspace Remote OCX Control does not upgrade existing version.

Upgrade from 6.1 MP3

After you upgrade to 6.2 MP1 both 6.1 MP3 and 6.2 MP1 are installed. To avoid this issue uninstall Workspace Remote 6.1 MP3 before you install 6.2 MP1.


Known Issues in this Release

The following table contains unresolved issues in this release.


Known Issues Environment Workaround

Gateway Manager URL needs to be updated manually when installed to a non-default port.

Workspace Remote

To update the URL, open the following registry key:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Workspace Remote\Management

Update the URL by adding the port after the hostname. For example, http://localhost:8008/PSSGMngr.aspx

Windows CE support requires a manual database update.

Windows CE

To minimize the number of operating systems listed in Application Manager, Windows CE support is not enabled by default. See the “To enable Windows CE support” section in this document for instructions to add support.

A page refresh is required after the first application folder is assigned on a new installation.

Application Manager

This occurs the first time you assign an application folder after installation only. After you click to move the folder to the available list, right click the page and select refresh. Subsequent assignments refresh properly.

In some circumstances you might experience a delay when logging off of the Corporate Desktop while running the Administration Utility.

Corporate Desktop with Administration Utility open

If you experience this delay, close the Administration Utility before logging off of the session.

Admin Utility SSO application defaults to “localhost”. This might cause issues when accessing the Admin Utility from a different computer.

Admin Utility

In the Admin Utility:

1.   Select Applications

2.   SWCAdmin

3.   Update the command line to replace Localhost with the DNS name of your server or cluster .

Auto Assign Licenses feature is no longer available.

Admin Utility

This feature is no longer necessary due to the addition of concurrent licensing. Concurrent licensing enables this behavior by default.

Some functionality is not available when using the Admin Utility in FireFox.

Admin Utility in FireFox

See the FireFox Support section of these release notes.

Server names longer than 15 characters might result in communication errors.

Workspace Corporate Server

Limit Workspace Corporate Server names to 15 characters or less.

Network SSO Application command line is not added after Workspace Corporate Server upgrade on Windows 7.

Workspace Corporate upgrade on Windows 7

The database script must be executed manually.

Errors when resetting, activating, deactivating Workspace Virtualization layers on the Workspace Corporate server.

Workspace Corporate with Workspace Virtualization installed

See the Compatibility with Symantec Workspace Virtualization section of these release notes.

Network Level Authentication (NLA) features in Windows 2008 are incompatible with Workspace Remote.

Workspace Remote

NLA is incompatible with Workspace Remote . When enabling Remote Desktop on Windows 2008, do not select the “Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more secure)" option.

User is prompted for credentials twice to display the Workspace in Wyse CE with Server installed in Windows 2008.

Wyse CE

Provide the credentials as prompted to display the Workspace.


64-bit Support

Reports can be viewed only in a 32-bit browser (you can run a 32-bit browser in compatibility mode on a 64-bit computer). There is no x64 support for biometric authentication, ICA shell, or PCproxCard, although they are available in the installer.

When both x64 and x86 servers are in use in your environment, you can add PCProx support for x86 servers after the fact by manually running add_card_support.sql. When PCProx components are already installed and configured on x86 server(s) prior to adding x64 servers, no changes are necessary.

FireFox Support

The Workspace Corporate Admin Utility provides support for FireFox 3 with the following exceptions:

ActiveX Controls are used to perform some management tasks in the Admin Utility. ActiveX is not supported by Firefox. Use Internet Explorer as a workaround to perform tasks using ActiveX controls.

These locations are as follows:

  • On the Application Manager->General page, the “View/Edit RTF” button used to edit the message to display to user opens an ActiveX control.
  • On the AUI Manager->Attributes page, the “View/Edit RTF” button used to edit the change password instruction opens an ActiveX control.
  • On the System Manager->General page, the “Edit” button used to edit the banner message opens up an ActiveX control.
  • On the System Manager->General Page, the “View/Edit RTF” button used to edit the workstation locked message opens up an ActiveX control.
  • In general, if pressing a button opens a window that doesn’t contain a standard dialog such as a file selection dialog, it is likely an ActiveX control that can not be displayed in FireFox.

Compatibility with Symantec Workspace Virtualization

When using Workspace Virtualization, you might encounter errors when resetting, activating, deactivating Workspace Virtualization layers on the Workspace Corporate server.

To avoid this, change both SWCS COM+ objects to “Leave Running When Idle”. Instructions to change this setting are as follows:

  1. Deactivate all Workspace Virtualization layers.
  2. Select the COM+ Object, then select properties > Advanced tab.
  3. Enable "Leave Running When Idle" and click Save.
  4. Start the COM objects and then activate Workspace Virtualization layers.

To enable Windows CE support

To enable Windows CE support you need to add a table to the SQL Server database and update the Network application in the Administration Utility.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio or a similar DB query utility.
  2. Open and execute Add_Wince6.sql from C:\Program Files\Symantec\Workspace Corporate\Server\Database\SqlServer.
  3. Open the Workspace Corporate Administration Utility.
  4. Click Applications > Network.
  5. In the WinCE6 section, add the following, replacing server_name with the DNS name of your server (as displayed in the fields for the other OSs):

          executable: (leave this blank)
          command line: server_name


Additional Known Issues and Troubleshooting

The following table contains additional known issues and troubleshooting information.


Known Issues

Environment Workaround
Search results are not returned when Corporate Desktop Type is set as Symantec Workspace. Workspace Corporate Administration Utility. This issue is caused by an internal string change.

When searching for users assigned the Symantec Workspace, change your search query to “PSD”.

To uninstall option is included for Workspace Corporate or Remote in Add/Remove Programs. Add/Remove Programs applet in the Windows Control Panel. To uninstall, select Change and then select Remove on the Program Maintenance screen.

MSDTC errors during installation.

Workspace Corporate Server installation. This error is caused by duplicate SIDs and other values.

If you encounter this error, run the following from a command prompt:

MSDTC –uninstall

Reboot the server

MSDTC -install

A Security Alert is displayed when using https to access the Workspace Corporate Admin Console. Workspace Corporate Administration Utility using https. This is caused by the self-signed certificate that is installed to enable SSL. Click Yes to proceed.

Optionally, you can replace the self-signed certificate with a certificate you obtain from a trusted certificate authority.

Error running ISScript1050.msi during installation. Workspace Corporate Server installation. This can occur if you do not have local administrator privileges on your server.

Log in as a local administrator and re-attempt the installation.

C:\windows\\framework\v2.0.50727 does not have appropriate permissions for authorized users (read/write). Workspace Corporate Server installation. This can occur if you do not have the correct permissions to the folders containing .NET.

Update the permissions to include read/write or reset the .NET security settings to default.

Administration Utility doesn't refresh automatically after a change is made. Workspace Corporate Administration Utility. Right-click in the page and select Refresh to view your changes.
Error (0x800c004) creating workstation account. Unable to connect to the target server. Workspace Corporate Client installation. This can occur if the hostname used when creating the workstation is different than what was used during the server installation.

Re-attempt the installation and use the same hostname that was used during the server installation.

GetInfoByGUID(guid number) occurs during installation. Workspace Remote installation. This can occur if the account used to authenticate to SQL Server during installation is not a member of the local administrators group on the SQL Server computer.

To resolve this issue, add the account to the local administrators group.


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