Workspace Streaming 6.1 SP4 known issues

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Default Streaming Server installation path is not in Program Files on 64-bit operating systems. Streaming Server installation on 64-bit operating systems The installation uses a different folder on this platform to avoid path length limitations. If you provide a custom path, we recommend keeping it as short as possible to avoid potential issues.
A multi-node Front End server does not enable the multi-node Back End components to be installed later using the Modify installation option. Streaming Server installation Reinstall Workspace Streaming and select the required components.
Renaming a User/Group in AD will clear the provisions. Streaming Console Re-provision the group after the Active Directory rename.
Renaming a User/Group in eDirectory causes the group to appear twice in the console and clears provisions. Streaming Console Re-provision the group after the eDirectory rename.
After an unsuccessful installation, components might display in the Streaming Console for a few minutes. Streaming Console Wait 5 minutes and then refresh the Streaming Console.
XPF package settings cannot be modified in the Streaming Console after upload. Streaming Console Package settings should be set during packaging using Wise Virtual Composer.
Issues exporting very large packages (multiple GB) from the Streaming Console. Streaming Console If you attempt to export very large packages using the export operation in the Streaming Console, the file might not be downloaded correctly using a Web Browser. To copy large packages after export, in Windows Explorer browse to console\webapps\console\export and copy the file directly from that location.
Applications that do not have a product code can not stream two versions simultaniously (examples: Crimson Editor, WinZip, WinRar). Streaming Agent 1. After streaming the first version, deactivate the virtual layer.

2. Edit the pre-installation script, checkapp.bat, to specify a specific product version.

Streaming Agent uninstallation program does not complete on systems with Zone Alarm AV. Streaming Agent Remove Zone Alarm before removing the Streaming Agent. Zone Alarm can be reinstalled after the Streaming Agent uninstallation completes.
Streaming an XPF from the Streaming Portal to a 6.1 Streaming Agent results in a communication error. Streaming Agent This occurs if the end user cancels the upgrade process. To stream an XPF, upgrade the Streaming Agent to 6.2.
You are unable to stream packages when behind a proxy server. Streaming Agent In the Streaming Agent GUI, Select the Advanced Setting Tab, Click Proxy and select USE IE Settings or Custom for the Proxy type.
Interoperability troubleshooting with Trend AV. Streaming Agent See other KB.
You receive an “Unable to reach the package repository” error when streaming a package from an External Package Repository. Streaming Agent This typically occurs when the package is corrupt. Check the log file for details on which package is causing the error.
You are prompted to install the Visual C++ runtime when streaming or virtualizing an application. Streaming Agent See the Selecting a Template to package Office 2007 section in the Wise Virtual Composer User's Guide. Additional information is available in KB #52207.
After pre-populating an upgrade version both icons display until the application is launched. Streaming Agent This occurs only when the path to the executable changes between versions. The extra icon disappears after the application is launched.
Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista SP1 exits unexpectedly when initially accessing the Streaming Portal. Streaming Portal If you experience this issue, revisit the Streaming Portal.
Error Code 10040 displayed while trying to stream snapshot pkg from the portal. Streaming Portal This occurs when a previous streaming attempt was cancelled. Delete the package from the local cache and then stream the application.
Problems uploading packages using runclient.cmd tool after upgrade. Command line Update the JAVA_HOME variable to jdk1.6.0_0
Limits when displaying large numbers of users from a local datasource in the Streaming Console. Using a local datasource Due to the performance impact of retrieving large numbers of database records, the Streaming Console is limited to displaying 5000 users from the local datasource. We recommend creating an managing provisions at the group level when working with large numbers of local users.
After installation on a non English language operating system, the Agent GUI might start before the computer is restarted. Installation on non English language operating system Restart the computer before streaming applications.
Empty progress bar displays during patch installation on non English language operating system. Installation on non English language operating system This progress bar is not required for the patch to install successfully and can be ignored.

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