Symantec Workspace Corporate 6.2 MP1 HF2 release notes

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Build number 6.2.250

Add/Remove Programs: Update for Symantec Workspace Corporate Server/Agent (SWC2077931)

This hotfix can be applied only to the 6.2 MP1 HF1 (SWC20460910) release of Symantec Workspace Corporate. These fixes apply only to Workspace Corporate Servers running on 64-bit Windows 2008 Server R2 and should not be applied to servers running on other platforms. This hotfix addresses the issues listed in the Fixes in this release section of this document.

Download location

This hotfix can be downloaded at

Fixes in this release

  • Made a fix to make winsock errors less intrusive to end users. If a winsock error occurs the system now retries three times before displaying an error.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented user sessions from being terminated in the Admin Utility.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented user session information from being stored correctly in the database.

Files changed in this release


Installation notes

  • This hotfix contains a single executable for servers and clients. The software detects the installed components and performs the necessary updates.
  • We recommend performing a backup before installation. Removing this hotfix requires manual steps. If you need to remove this hotfix please contact Symantec Customer Support.
  • If your Workspace Corporate Server is installed to a non-default path see the instructions in this document.
  • See if users are not assigned the correct desktop type after applying this hotfix.

Non-default path installation instructions

If your Workspace Corporate Server is installed to a non-default path you are prompted to run RegServerCom.bat and RegAdminCom.bat. These batch files are located in the server installation directory (for example, C:\Symantec\Workspace Corporate\Server). These files must be modified for your environment before they are executed.

  1. In the instdir section update the if exists goto swcs statement with your server installation path.
  2. In the swcs section update installdir with your server installation path.

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