Symantec™ Endpoint Protection Manager Database Schema Reference

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This guide includes an information about the database schema that the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager uses.


Table of Contents:
About the ProdNameSEPM database schema
Purposes of database views
Actual Action schema
Admin User schema
Agent Behavior Logs schema
Agent Packet Logs schema
Agent Security Logs schema
Agent Status schema
Agent System Logs schema
Agent Traffic Logs schema
Alert Filter schema
Alert Message schema
Alerts schema
Anomaly Detection schema
Anomaly Detection Operation schema
Anomaly Detection Type schema
Anomaly Detections schema
Anomaly Remediation schema
Anomaly Remediation Operation schema
Anomaly Remediation Type schema
Anomaly Remediations schema
Audit Report schema
Basic Metadata schema
Behavior Report schema
Binary File schema
Command schema
Command Report schema
Compliance Report schema
Computer Application schema
Data Handler schema
Enforcer Client Logs 1 and 2 schema
Enforcer System Logs 1 and 2 schema
Enforcer Traffic Logs 1 and 2 schema
Firewall Report schema
GUI Parameters schema
GUP List schema
History schema
History Configuration schema
Home Page Configuration schema
HPP Alerts schema
HPP Application schema
Identity Map schema
Inventory Current Risk schema
Inventory Current Virus schema
SCF Inventory schema
Inventory Report schema
LAN Device Detected schema
LAN Device Excluded schema
Legacy Agent schema
Local Metadata schema
Log Configuration schema
Notification schema
Notification Alerts schema
Pattern schema
Reports schema
Scan Report schema
Scans schema
SE Global schema
SEM Agent schema
SEM Application schema
SEM Client schema
SEM Compliance Criteria schema
SEM Computer schema
SEM Content schema
SEM Job schema
Serial Numbers schema
Server Admin Logs 1 and 2 schema
Server Client Logs 1 and 2 schema
Server Enforcer Logs 1 and 2 schema
Server Policy Logs 1 and 2 schema
Server System Logs 1 and 2 schema
System Report schema
System State schema
Threat Report schema
Version schema
Virus schema
Virus Category schema


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