Veritas Volume Replicator Advisor User's Guide

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Table of Contents:
Overview of VRAdvisor
How VRAdvisor works
Data collection
Data analysis
What-if analysis
Installing VRAdvisor on Solaris
Uninstalling VRAdvisor on Solaris
Installing VRAdvisor on Windows
Uninstalling VRAdvisor on Windows
Collecting the sample of data on UNIX
Collecting data using the VRAdvisor wizard
Collecting data using the vxstat command
Collecting data using the data collection script
Collecting sample data on Windows
Collecting sample data using the VRAdvisor wizard
Collecting the sample data using the diskStats command
Analyzing the collected data
Understanding the results of the analysis
Viewing the analysis results
Analysis graph
Analysis results
Recalculating the analysis results
Applying different parameters to the existing sample of data
Performing What-if analysis
Recording and viewing the results
Peak usage constraint
Synchronization period constraint
Secondary backup constraint
Secondary downtime constraint
Additional factors


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