Symantec™ Response Assessment module User's Guide

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Table of Contents:
About Control Compliance Suite
About Response Assessment module (RAM)
About the Response Assessment module (RAM) components
About the RAM console
About the RAM Windows client
About the RAM Server
About the content packs
About the quizzing feature
About the Response Wizard
About disaster preparedness recommendations
About RAM evidence
About logging
How RAM works
What you can do with the Response Assessment module
Where to get more information about the Response Assessment module
About adding Windows groups for the RAM Server
About Web user authentication
Editing the RAMServer.exe.config file to enable SSL
Uninstalling the module
Uninstalling the RAM server
Creating questionnaires in the RAM console
Adding a group
Adding a question
About question types
Editing text
Editing a property
Adding a user-defined property
Adding a user-defined link
Editing a user-defined link
About CCS Assets Applied to a questionnaire for evidence
Adding an asset group variable
Removing an object
Removing a user-defined link
Adding answers
Adding answers using the Answer Template
About the RAM console tools
About RAM questionnaires with weighted questions and answers
About using the Answer Template
About using the Next Hop tool
About using the Spell Check tool
About using the Import tool
About the RAM Server toolbar
About the Invitation Manager
About Web client tasks
About accessing the RAM Web client
Editing the My Profile information
Managing the users
Editing user information
Deleting a user
Managing the questionnaires
Adding a questionnaire
Editing the questionnaire properties
Uploading a certification document
Completing the certification
Responding to a questionnaire
Adding responses on a saved questionnaire
Saving a response to resume answering later
About navigating
Resetting a question
Viewing a link
Submitting support documents
Viewing support documents
Adding a comment
Adding a recommendation
Selecting a question using All Questions
Selecting an unanswered question
Submitting a response
About the RAM Windows client tasks
Opening the Windows client
About Response Wizard tasks
Loading a response file
Loading a response from the RAM Server
Removing a response file
Removing a loaded response file
Configuring the display bars
Exporting a report as an image
Adding final comments and recommendations
About tree chart properties
About troubleshooting the Response Assessment issues
About CCS asset group errors
Resetting a service principal name
About troubleshooting Kerberos authentication errors
About editing the log settings


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