Symantec™ Control Compliance Suite Installation Guide

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Table of Contents:
Control Compliance Suite 9.0.1
Control Compliance Suite infrastructure requirements
Control Compliance Suite server requirements
Client requirements
RMS data collector requirements
RMS Console requirements
Information Server requirements
bv-Control for Windows requirements
bv-Control for UNIX requirements
bv-Control for Oracle requirements
bv-Control for Microsoft SQL Server requirements
Prerequisites for installing the product components
General installation sequence of Control Compliance Suite
About the root security certificate
User Privileges for installing the components
Configuring service accounts with unconstrained delegation
Configuring the S4U and constrained delegation
About configuring the Web Portal to contact RAM
About licensing of the product components
Installing RMS Console and Information Server
Prerequisites for RMS installation
Preinstallation requirements
Types of Installations
Installing the data collection infrastructure
Securing MSDE or the SQL Server
Upgrading the data collection infrastructure
Installing the Control Compliance Suite components in a single setup mode
Installing the Control Compliance Suite components in a distributed setup mode
Installing the CCS Directory Server
Creating a DPS or an Application Server certificate
Installing the CCS Application Server
Installing the Data Processing Service
Installing the Web Portal
Installing the Control Compliance Suite Console
Configure the Control Compliance Suite
About registration of the Data Processing Service
Configuring the RMS data collection infrastructure
About using LiveUpdate mechanism in Control Compliance Suite
Adding or upgrading the Control Compliance Suite components
Repairing or reinstalling Control Compliance Suite
Uninstalling the Control Compliance Suite components from a single setup
Uninstalling a Control Compliance Suite component from a distributed setup
Uninstalling RMS Console and Information Server
Silent installation
Creating a response file for silent installation
Installing the product in the silent mode


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