Symantec bv-Control® for NetWare® 10.0 Getting Started Guide

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Table of Contents:
RMS Console
bv-Control for NetWare
Site standards
Auditing (Auditcon)
Trustee assignment analysis
NLM support
bv-Count for NDS eDirectory
Dependency on RMS Console
Query processing
Deployment strategies
Local strategy
Remote strategy
Incremental deployment
Network design factors
Centralized environment without multiple NDS partitions
Centralized environment with multiple NDS partitions
Distributed environment with multiple NDS partitions
WAN locations
Credential databases
Novell directory services server locations
Defining a deployment strategy
Create a table of potential users
Diagram the logical organization of the enterprise
Diagram the physical organization of the enterprise
Determine the probable reporting areas for each user
Diagram the probable reporting areas for each user
Perform preliminary testing
Estimate disk space requirements
Develop an Information Server deployment strategy
Estimate the size of each bv-Control computer
Estimate the projected volume of use for each bv-Control computer
Finalize the Information Sever deployment strategy
Select hardware
System requirements
bv-Control for NetWare system requirements
Preinstallation considerations
Installing bv-Control for NetWare
Configuring the Console
DOS partition analysis
Loading the BVSIM4.NLM file
Configuring bv-Control for NetWare
To manually configure bv-Control for NetWare
Uninstalling bv-Control for NetWare
Overview of the features
Reducing the cost of administering the network
Performing enterprise-wide security assessment
Trustees of the file system
Tracking configuration standards
NLMs loaded
Analyzing disk space
Volume information
Symptoms and solutions
Administrator and user rights
Verifying replication
Counting NetWare servers

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