Network Discovery 7.0 SP5 Release Notes

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Build number 7.0.8641

Network Discovery, a free plug-in component for Notification Server (the central piece of Symantec Management Platform), lets you discover all IP devices connected to your network. Network Discovery lets you find new network devices, identify previously discovered network devices that are no longer found, and find network devices whose discovery properties have changed.

The Network Discovery component is part of Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP5. For a list of release notes for all SMP components, see DOC1956.

This document contains the following topics related specifically to the Network Discovery component of Symantec Management Platform:

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Installation and upgrade

New installation

This component is automatically installed with Symantec Management Platform. For installation information, see knowledgebase article 49812.


You can upgrade this product from 6x versions if you run the Symantec Installation Manager on a Notification Server 6x computer. To upgrade from the 6x version, you must first upgrade your 6x Notification Server to Symantec Management Platform 7.0 or later.

For more information, see the Symantec Management Platform Installation Guide (knowlegebase article 45732).

Installation and upgrade issues

The following issues are known issues related to installing and upgrading this product. If additional information about an issue is available, you can read that information by clicking the Article ID link.

Issue Article ID Internal ID
Upgraded data

The following 7.x data classes have their data populated from the 6.x data classes:

Base type is Infrastructure Device with associated data classes:

      • Device Identification
      • Device Details
      • Device Network Interface
      • Device SNMP Info
      • Device TCP/IP
      • Discovery Task
      • AMT Network Info
      • ASF Network Info

The following data classes are not imported:

    • Device Bridge Port
    • Medium Member

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Fixed issues in this release

The following are previous issues that were fixed in this release. If additional information about an issue is available, it will be explained in a separate article. Click the Article ID link for that additional information.

Issue Article ID Internal ID
Unable to shift-select items in the Available Tasks and Task Runs tabs.


Stop request doesn't work for multi-selected tasks.


Network Discovery needs to support and properly identify ESX4.


Network Discovery does not allow Symantec Administrator user permission to see default connection profile on nondefault installation.


Virtual host without VMs is not displayed under "Virtual Servers" node in All Devices Viper DF273620.


Two entries of VM seen when the ESX host is rediscovered after changing hostname Viper DF316635


L10N:Translation:EM_Network Discovery 7.0.844:Strings are not localized in UI. (CHS, CHT, JPN, KOR)


Network Discovery task management web part crashes with Chinese language and web part refreshed.


x64 Network Discovery Language Pack installation errors: missing ko and zh-Hant directories.


I18N: Device classification labels not localized.


Validation for null value absent on Discovery Settings page, which results in page crash.


Language Pack MSI filename is wrong for x64.


Installation of Network Discovery x64 upgrade failing.


I18N Discovery Tasks 7.0.7255: New data class "Virtual Manager" needs to be localized.


Exception when running task at end of Network Discovery wizard as Symantec Supervisor.


VM host info is missing "OS Minor Version" and "Build Number."


No hostname or VM host information for ESX4i servers.


Unable to select another profile during the Network Discovery wizard if you create a new one during the wizard.


Network Discovery tasks not getting installed on 64-bit Windows 2008.


When using multiple Callback DLLs, replies to SaveDevice notifications are not always recorded.


When using multiple Callback DLLs, notifications are not always made in priority order.


Failed to install Network Discovery SP3 via SIM on Win2k8 x64 R2.


L10N:(CHT)NS:7270:Inconsistent translation in Discover Network Devices page.


L10N:(CHT)NS:7270:Inconsistent translation in Discover Network Ranges page.


Network Discovery configuration fails on 64-bit Win2k8 machine.


The DeviceIdentInfo structure needs to be changed or could crash Network Discovery in 64-bit environments.


I18N: Browse ... button is not localized for the Import ranges dialog box.


ESX hots have different names depending on how they are discovered.


7.1 TP2 x86: Network Discovery not getting repaired successfully.


Failed to install NS with Upgrade wizard: Failed to configure DiscoveryUpgrade.config on Windows 2008 Server x64.


7.0 SP4: Failed to register MSI version for DiscoveryTasks Language Pack.


Cross-site script is executed on Network Discovery portal page.


Patch OOB - server discovered using server IP and iDRAC IP in the same discovery task is not supported for OOB Patch. DE642.


Modify PPA config for VMWare to determine ESX version in Network Discovery engine.


Network Discovery reports not counting all VMs.


Win2k8 R2 identified as "Windows 6.1."


Discovery tasks fail if multiple tasks that use the same Callback DLL run concurrently.


Connection Profile drop-down disappears after trying to continue with a blank CP.


System Type set to Win32 in dbo.Inv_Aex_AC_Identification for discovered x64 systems.


ATRSHost crash trying to stop/delete multiple Network Discovery tasks with WSMAN enabled.


Unable to discover Cisco network switch from Windows 2008 R2 x64 platform.


SNMP Gets are not working correctly in x64---OID values are cut off and index values are lost.


x64 Altiris.NetworkDiscovery.BwNetScope.Dll is getting generated as x86.


DeviceNetworkInterface: Not all applicable devices are reported in Device Network Interface dataclass collected by AI x64.


The Agentless Inventory task hangs up and can't be completed.


Selected actions are applied only to visibly selected items.


Network Discovery portal page shows "Page Error" on the device classification bar chart when logged in as supervisor.


"Inv_Device_Medium_Member" table is not populated with data collected by Network Discovery task.


Edit and Schedule icons need to gray out when shift-selecting items in the Available Task tab.


Need a way to get connectivity details for specified device.


Script error in Network Discovery portal page when shift-selecting items in the Task Runs tab.



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Things to know

The following are things to know about in this release. If additional information about an issue is available, read it by clicking the Article ID link.

Things to know Article ID Internal ID
Using Connection Profiles

Network Discovery tasks use Connection Profiles to configure the protocols that are used to communicate with network devices.

Importing .MIB files on Symantec Management Platform 7.0


Symantec Management Platform Security Privileges


Scheduling a Network Discovery task

If you schedule a Network Discovery task to run on a recurring basis, you won't be able to stop that task unless you either delete the task or cancel the schedule by deleting the next scheduled occurrence of it in Manage > Jobs and Tasks.


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Known issues in this release

The following are known issues for this release. If additional information about an issue is available, read it by clicking the Article ID link.

Issue Article ID Internal ID
Extremely slow scanning when VMware protocol is enabled
Incorrect session attribute causes Network Discover to fail with HyperV

Network Discovery cannot discover HyperV servers.

This is a known issue with a simple workaround. This issue will be fixed in a subsequent release.

TECH140519 2146899

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