Event Console 7.0 SP5 Release Notes

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Build number 7.0.8641

Event Console reduces the need to maintain separate tools to monitor computers, software, printers, and other devices. Event Console collects SNMP traps and other status messages and displays them in a single location. If the originator of the alert is a resource in the DB, all status messages that are received by Event Console are converted to a common format that links each received message to the affected resource in the CMDB. These formatted messages are called alerts.

This component is part of the Symantec Management Platform 7.0. For release notes, see knowledgebase article 49812.

This document contains the following topics:

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New installation

You can install this product by using the Symantec Installation Manager. You can download the installation files directly to your server, or you can create offline installation packages.
For more information, see the Symantec Management Platform Installation Guide (knowlegebase article 45732).

Fixed issues in this release

The following are previous issues that were fixed in this release. If additional information about an issue is available, you can read it by clicking the Article ID link.

Issue Article ID Internal ID
Multiple delete of Management stations in Forward Rule page throws Data load error
 N/A 1845458
Acknowledged and resolved alerts are erased when alert detail page is opened
 N/A 1506877
Event Console Purge throws error in logs (Failed to convert Int32 to DateTime)
 N/A 1860420
Sorting for "Alert type" and "Last Occurred" fields does not work properly
 N/A 1733989
Performance: server management portal performance unacceptable on scalability tests server
 N/A 1790402
Event console data loading delayed due to unnecessary database queries
 N/A 1910206
Error while configuring EventConsole on fresh install

The error "MSI version information could not be loaded" no longer appears while configuring EventConsole on a fresh install.

 N/A 1911481
GroupView web part error in Russian only

This problem was related to some Russian characters which, after localization, could not be shown properly. This error negatively affected the process of generating XML for showing the GroupView web part on portal pages.

 N/A 1932883
Changed the default Event Console Purge Maintenance setting from 150K to 50K

The default value of 150K was directly responsible for 40% of all Event Console generated cases. Serious performance degradation was observed at Alert Count levels above 50K. Alert Count levels of over 100K resulted in the Event Console being "unusable." In addition, this affected the overall SMP performance as well.

 N/A 1926355
Java script error displays when trying to enable an Alert Rule
N/A 1923699
The ON/OFF combo box does not work for the Managed Delivery created
N/A 1925809
Forwarding of SNMP Traps from within an Event Console Rule is not accepted by all 3rd party SNMP Managers
N/A 1844355
Default Event Console Purge Maintenance setting is too high 
N/A 1926355

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Known issues in this release

The following are known issues for this release. If additional information about an issue is available, you can read it by clicking the Article ID link.

Issue Article ID Internal ID
Warning message appears on screen if you try to change the severity of an informational alert

In some instances non-informational messages appear.

N/A 2078367
ITMS MR2 uninstall fails on repair of Altiris Event Console SP4(7.0.7416) after upgrade from ITMS 7.0 to ITMS MR2 with return code 1603

Uninstallation of ITMS 7.0 MR2 may fail after upgrading from ITMS.

N/A 2130110

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