Credential Manager, Connection Profiles, and Pluggable Protocols Architecture 7.0 SP5 Release Notes

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PPA build number 7.0.8641

Credential Manager build number 7.0.8641

Connection Profiles and the Pluggable Protocols Architecture store the information that is required to communicate with computers and other network devices using standard network monitoring protocols. The Pluggable Protocols Architecture unifies the configuration of protocols across the Symantec Management Platform. Connection Profiles is a feature of the Symantec Management Platform that is leveraged by other solutions and components in the Symantec Management Platform. It provides the ability to update and add protocols without requiring a wholesale upgrade of all dependent solutions. These protocols can include SNMP, WMI, WSMAN, as well as several others.

Credential Manager provides a secure storage location for user names and passwords. The types of credentials that are stored are defined by the installed management solutions. Access to credentials is controlled using the built-in role-based security of the Symantec Management Platform. When a credential is created, only the creator is granted access. If other users need to perform management operations requiring a credential, they must be assigned rights.

This component is part of the Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP5. For release notes, see DOC1956.

This document contains the following topics:

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Fixed issues in this release

The following are previous issues that were fixed in this release. If additional information about an issue is available, you can read it by clicking the Article ID link.

Issue Article ID Internal ID

Just in Time debugger error occurs during ITMS MR2 installation



WMI protocol plug-in hangs when making a synchronous call to a buggy WMI provider.



Certificates may not load using IE8.



AMTRedirectionService not registered after upgrade of PPA



Support common Connection Profile by the SNMPTrapSenderPlugin



Altiris.PluggableProtocols.Alert object does not support serialization



Impossible to connect to the client using the network protocol with custom credentials if another protocol is turned on with runtime credentials



Certificates may not load using IE8

Using Internet Explorer 8, certificates did not load if any of the following were true: 

  • The Notification Server being accessed was in the browser's "Internet" zone.
  • The browser Zone that the Notification Server was in had the URL action “Include local directory path when uploading files” disabled.
  • The Notification Server did not have access to the certificate file. The error occurred because the Notification Server downloaded the file, not the browser.




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Known issues in this release

The following are known issues for this release. If additional information about an issue is available, you can read it by clicking the Article ID link.


Article ID

Internal ID

Pluggable Protocols Architecture



2008R2 x64 - Impossible to perform monitoring, using WMI, HTTP, SNMP protocols, because it fails to resolve credentials from Credential Manager with Inner exception.

You must enable WCF Activation to allow for using protocols other than HTTPS.




PPA protocols such as WSMAN and WMI become unavailable for use with certain web-service settings (including multiple identities).

You must ensure that there are no multiple identities. Ensure that only a single identity is used for each communication protocol in a default or custom web service.




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