Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC Release Notes 5.1 - AIX

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Table of Contents:
About Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC
Benefits of SF Oracle RAC
About Veritas Operations Services
About SF Oracle RAC Release Notes
New in this release
Veritas keyless licensing
Changes in the SF Oracle RAC installer
Changes to I/O fencing feature
Changes in SF Oracle RAC packaging
Changes to SF Oracle RAC clusters running in secure mode
Changes to Storage Foundation for Databases (SFDB) functionality
LLT supports point-to-point unicast heartbeating mechanism
Support for 16 nodes in a cluster
Support for a universally unique ID (UUID) for each cluster
Support for load balancing in MultiPrivNIC
New CRSResource agent
Utility to view LMX bandwidth used for database traffic
Enhancements to VRTSexplorer utility
Enhanced sample configuration files
Changes in the SF Oracle RAC documentation
Installation requirements
Hardware requirements
Supported AIX operating systems
Recommended SF Oracle RAC 5.1 patch
Supported database software
Supported high availability, volume manager, and file system software
Supported replication technologies for global clusters
License requirements
No longer supported
Fixed issues
Issues fixed in SF Oracle RAC 5.1
Known issues
Oracle issues
SF Oracle RAC issues
Software limitations
Performance recommendation for space-optimized volume snapshots
Oracle Disk Manager (ODM) limitation
Cached ODM
RDAC driver and FAStT array limitations for coordinator disks
Storage Checkpoint and Database FlashSnap limitation
LLT low priority heartbeat links not recommended
Relevant component product release notes
Storage Foundation guides
Manual Pages


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