Symantec Workspace Virtualization Browser Selector Object release notes

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The Symantec Browser Selector Object is an Internet Explorer Browser Add-on that provides the capability to define and enforce policies that stipulate that a specific version of an Internet Explorer browser is used to load a specific web site. This tool complements the capability of using Symantec Workspace Virtualization to run multiple versions of Internet Explorer "Side-by-Side". The tool can enforce the policy that Web sites that are designed to work with Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) will only be viewed with an instance of the IE6 browser, while other web sites will be viewed with a more current browser such as IE8. 
The Browser Selector Object also provides the capability to define policies that stipulate that specific web sites will load an instance of the IE browser that is associated with a specific version of the Java JRE plugin. This is accomplished by forcing an instance of the Internet Explorer Browser to run within the context of the Java JRE running as a virtual application layer within Symantec Workspace Virtualization. With these policies in place, web sites that require versions of Java other than that installed natively on the system can continue to be supported. 

System requirements

  • Workspace Virtualization Agent
  • Versions of Windows XP or Windows 7 that Workspace Virtualization supports.
  • Internet Explorer selected as the default browser. Testing was performed with
    Internet Explorer 8 installed in the base with a virtualized version of Internet
    Explorer 6.

Download instructions

The SWVBSO installation program is in the zip file that is attached to this article.

Installation instructions are in the User's Guide that is attached to this article.

Issue Workaround
"Installation ended prematurely because of an error" message displays during installation on Windows 7 with UAC turned on. Temporarily disable UAC during the installation.
IE 6 Desktop icon is missing on Windows 7 64-bit This can occur if you package on a 32-bit system and distribute to 64-bit endpoints. Create a separate package for 64-bit on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer to avoid this issue. 
BSO configuration file and C:\Program Files\Common
Files\Symantec\Workspace Virtualization\SWVBSO remain on the computer after BSO is uninstalled.
The configuration file and SWVBSO folder can be safely removed.
If you select to run a virtual browser from a virtual software layer and the layer is not located on the system, the software loads the site without a warning. A warning is displayed if the layer is on the system but is not activated. To avoid this issue, verify that any virtual software layers specified in the SWVBSO configuration are imported on the endpoint.


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