Symantec Mobile Management User Guide

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Mobile Management User Guide

  • 1. Introducing Mobile Management Solution
    • About Symantec Mobile Management
    • Components of Symantec Mobile Management
    • How Symantec Mobile Management works
    • What you can do with Symantec Mobile Management
  • 2. Getting started with Mobile Management Solution
    • Managing mobile devices
    • Viewing the Mobile Management Portal page
    • About Exchange ActiveSync
  • 3. Installing and configuring Mobile Management
    • About installing and configuring Symantec Mobile Management
    • Viewing mobile devices in your resources list
    • Automatically installing Mobile Management Server software
    • Installing the Mobile Management Agent
    • Changing the agent configuration schedule for mobile devices
  • 4. Securing device communications
    • About securing device communication
    • Communication components of Mobile Management Solution
    • About the device agent
    • How the device agent and the mobile site service communicate
    • Securing Mobile Management communications
    • About obtaining certificates
    • About using self-signed certificates
    • Generating self-signed certificates with MakeCert
    • Installing a server certificate on the mobile site service computer
    • Configuring Internet Information Server (IIS) to accept SSL connections
    • Configuring the tunnel service to accept SSL connections
    • Installing certificates on mobile devices
    • About the Certificate Manager tool
    • Certificate Manager command-line switches
    • Certificate Manager command-line examples
    • Modifying device agent configuration file for TLS/SSL tunnel connection
    • Modifying device agent configuration files to specify a client certificate
    • Example of how to modify each client configuration file
    • About access control
    • About defining users for authentication
    • About defining access levels for resources
    • About URL Resource Identifiers
    • About RPC Resource Identifiers
  • 5. Gathering inventory data from mobile devices
    • About gathering inventory data from mobile devices
    • Changing the schedule for mobile device inventory
    • About the Heartbeat value for mobile devices
    • Running and viewing reports for mobile devices
    • Battery information fields
    • Battery constants
    • OS version information fields
    • OS version constants
    • System information fields
    • System constants
    • Processor level values
    • Memory information fields
  • 6. Delivering software to mobile devices
    • About delivering software to mobile devices
    • Delivering software to mobile devices
    • Changing software packages for mobile devices
    • Package actions for mobile devices
    • Sample of AppUpdate token for mobile devices
  • 7. Remotely managing mobile devices
    • About remotely managing mobile devices
    • Changing the remote settings for mobile devices
    • Starting a remote session with a mobile device
    • Remote options for mobile devices
    • Options of the remote control window
    • Function mappings for remote sessions
  • Index


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