Release Notes for Symantec™ Critical System Protection Version 5.2.5

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What's new in this version
Support for new platforms
Symantec Critical System Protection is now integrated into Symantec Protection Center
Web console improvements
Updated system requirements for the manager
Additional information about this release
About release version numbers
About the policy revision numbers
About Symantec Critical System Protection
What you need to know before you install or upgrade your software
Supported platforms
Scalability guidelines for the use of virtual agents
Known issues
Symantec Critical System Protection agent does not start the syslog-ng daemon
Symantec Critical System Protection may not collect events from syslog-ng
The IDS agent does not automatically start the auditing subsystem on computers that run AIX
Text log monitoring policy fails to monitor file
Resolved issues
Console asset management
High CPU usage associated with Windows event logs
Windows text log monitoring failed to log events
Use of quotes in process controls
Product documentation
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