Symantec™ RMS Console and Information Server 10.0 Getting Started Guide

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Technical Support
About RMS Console and Information Server
RMS Console suite
The RMS Console in the MMC
About the console features
Administration features
Query-related features
About the RMS Console containers
Risk Assessment and Control folders
Exported Files container
RMS Configuration container
Schedules container
Named Scopes container
Enterprise container
About the Information Server
Task processing
Data storage
Remote Information Servers
Default Information Servers
About user identification
Planning for Deployment of RMS Infrastructure
About RMS Console and Information Server infrastructure
Infrastructure deployment road map
Infrastructure deployment types
About planning for RMS Console deployment
Number of RMS users
Geographic location of RMS users
System requirements
About planning for Information Server deployment
Number of RMS users
Geographic location of RMS users
Enterprise network areas to be queried
bv-Control snap-in modules usage
System requirements
Deploying the RMS Infrastructure
About selecting your deployment type
Geographic locations
Number of RMS users
Enterprise security
Enterprise-wide queries
About selecting an Information Server computer
High performance PC or laptop
Dedicated high-performance PC
Standard server
Dedicated server
About deploying your infrastructure
Independent deployment
Shared or dedicated deployment
Deployment scenarios
Independent deployment scenario
Shared deployment scenarios
Dedicated deployment scenario
Installation of RMS Console and Information Server
System requirements
Infrastructure installation
Pre-installation requirements
Types of installations
About installing the Console and Information Server
Upgrade installations
About the RMS Console Configuration Wizard
About changing the default Information Server
Console Configuration Options
About the Console configuration options
bv-Control snap-in modules
Subfolder directories
Windows Explorer access
Child Windows
About the Information Server configuration
Configuring the Information Server with the credential databases
Global default report style settings
Product licenses
User access rights
User properties
Creating named scopes
About Querying
About queries
About creating a new query
Selecting a data source
Adding fields
About filtering the Available Fields list
Modifying field details
Adding filters
About adding sorts
About adding scopes
About running queries
Locations for running queries
Using the Query Completion Wizard
About monitoring the status of processed queries
About displaying datasets
About saving datasets
About saving query binders
About the Query Binder shortcut menu
About running queries
About printing historical datasets
About viewing historical datasets
About defining query-related settings
About managing data
About the Schedule command
About creating shortcuts
About exporting query definitions
About managing query binder properties
Advanced data source queries
BindView ActiveAdmin session logs
BindView Internal Data Sources
Using ActiveAdmin
About ActiveAdmin
About managing your enterprise
User processing requirements
Deleting resource objects
Changing resource object attributes
Deleting historical datasets and session logs
About monitoring the status of processed tasks
Session logs
About viewing session logs
About querying session logs
About baselines
About the baseline feature
Baseline requirements
Baseline datasets
Creating a delta dataset
About monitoring the status of baseline tasks
Creating a delta dataset report
Exporting a delta dataset
Using task lists
About task lists
Creating task lists
Adding query tasks from query binders
Adding Post Process commands for a query task
Applying a Scope for added query tasks
Adding baseline tasks from query binders
Adding Post Process commands for a baseline task
Adding query and baseline tasks from saved task lists
Defining task list options
About running task lists
Command-Line Task List Launcher
About scheduling a task list for automatic processing
About monitoring the status of processed task lists
About saving task lists
Task list shortcut menus
Scheduling Queries and Task Lists
About schedules
About creating schedules
Scheduling task lists
Scheduling queries
Running a schedule immediately
Modifying schedules
About the Chart feature
Chart styles
Chart types
About the Chart Builder Wizard
Creating a series chart
Creating a Histogram
Automatic interval definitions
Defining a histogram chart with user-defined intervals
About defining intervals
About chart templates
Saving chart templates
Applying chart templates
About printing and exporting existing charts
About reports
Dataset report
Historical dataset report
Delta dataset report
Session log report
Defining report settings
Page settings tab
Defining fields settings
Defining groups settings
Form settings tab
Defining spreadsheet settings
Header and footer settings
Annotation settings
Report style settings
Default report style settings
Saving report style settings items
About applying report style settings
Default report style settings
Applying styles from report style settings
About exporting
About the Export Setup dialog box
About exporting datasets and session logs
About exporting charts
Export file format types
Export file destinations
Exporting a chart
Saving export settings
Export settings items
Applying export settings
Default export settings
File export settings items
Uninstalling the Console and Information Server
About uninstalling the Console and Information Server
Information Server
Removing user-created files
About the Decision Support Center data
Creating DSC version 7 data
About user provisioning
About adding users
About removing users
Windows user groups

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