Notification Server 6.x support for Workspace Virtualization

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On NS 7, management of virtual software layers is provided by Software Management Solution. For customers on NS 6.x, the Software Virtualization Solution that was provided with NS 6 is still available, but it is not being actively developed. Beginning with the 6.1 MP1 release of SWV (build 6.1.4108), Software Virtualization Solution is only being updated to include the new build number and the updated Symantec Workspace Virtualization Agent.

To use the NS 6.x Software Virtualization Solution with new releases of SWV, you need to manually update the Agent name, and manually initiate upgrades. Instructions are provided in this KB article.

Agent Name Changes

Since the name of the agent was changed from “Software Virtualization Agent” to “Symantec Workspace Virtualization Agent” the existing collections and reports no longer work properly. There are two options that you can pursue to restore functionality to pre 6.1 level.

Option one
On the NS you can modify all the SVS SQL reports and change the name from “Software Virtualization Agent” to “Software Workspace Virtualization Agent”. This will need to be done for each of the three Solution collections: "All Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista Workstations without Software Virtualization Agent installed", “Computers Requiring Software Virtualization Agent Upgrade”, and “Computers With Software Virtualization Agent Installed”.

If the SVS report pack was installed then each of the reports must be cloned and then edited to also reflect this name change.

Option two
You need to rename the "Agent Name" value for the SWV 6.1 client in the registry, to do that go to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Plugin Objects\Agents\Software Virtualization Agent
From: Agent Name = “Symantec Workspace Virtualization Agent”
To: Agent Name= “Software Virtualization Agent”

 Once the RegKey has been modified, send a basic inventory to the NS and the agent name will update automatically.

This can be accomplished using DS or another remote distribution method to simply import a new regkey on the client endpoint.


Since the NS 6 solution is not being upgraded, the SolutionCenter.XML file does not show that there is a new upgraded version of the solution beyond 2.1; and as a result the “upgrade” option on the Installed Solutions page in the NS console will remain disabled and upgrading from within the console will not be possible. Additionally, the solution is no longer being built with subsequent releases of Symantec Software Virtualization solution. The last solution build that will work with NS6 is the SWV.6.1.SP4 release build 6.2.1562. There is no automated way to perform the upgrade to a new version. It must be done manually.

If upgrading to the 6.2.1562 release, obtain the solution zip file and run the install on the NS to be upgraded. After the solution install completes follow the instructions in the “Agent Name Changes” section above.

The steps for upgrading to version later than 6.2.1562 requires four steps.

  1. Upgrade the solution to the last shipping solution (6.2.1562)
  2. Modify the solutioncenter.xml file
  3. Copy the new agent executable to the nscap directory
  4. Modify the NS SVS agent upgrade report template

When upgrading to a release later than 6.2.1562, you must first upgrade to this release and then manually upgrade the agents. Obtain the 6.2.1562 solution zip file and run the install on the NS to be upgraded.

 Next the product version number needs to be manually updated sin the solutioncenter.xml file.
For example, if upgrading from build 2.1.2095 to 6.3.2055 do the following:

On the NS console navigate to Configure -> Soluton Center. On the Currently Installed tab note the value of the “Update Version” for the currently installed Altiris Software Virtualization Solution.
On the NS machine navigate to \Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Include\xml6\
Edit the SolutionCenter.xml file. Search for productName=“Altiris Software Virtualization Solution” and change the version listed in productVersion=”2.1.2095” to “6.3.2055”
Save the file. Refresh the console screen and verify that the new “Update Version” shows 6.3.2055.

Now navigate to \Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\SVSolnAgent
Replace the Software_Virtualization_Agent.msi file with the new agent version you want to distribute. Note that the new agent distribution file is named “Symantec_Workspace_Virtualization_Agent.msi” so it will need to be renamed to “Software_Virtualization_Agent.msi”.

Now in the NS console navigate to Configure->Solutions->Software Virtualization
On this page on the left hand navigation pane go to Software Virtualization-> Windows-> Software Virtualization Agent Rollout.
Clone the collection named “Computers Requiring software Virtualization Agent Upgrade”. Right click the collection name and chose “Clone”
Left click the newly created collection name, and then click the edit pencil in the right hand window. In the Query box select “Enter SQL directly”
Scroll down until you find the line that states “AND t1.[Product Version] < ‘2.1.2095’
And change the value to ‘6.3.2055’
Click the “Apply” button
Enable the “Software Virtualization Agent Upgrade” Task.
Change the “Applies to Collections” to include the cloned “Computers Requiring software Virtualization Agent Upgrade” collection
Click the “Apply” button

Agents will now upgrade to the latest agent version. Follow the instructions in the “Agent Name Changes” section above.

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