Symantec™ Mobile Management 7.1 Implementation Guide

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  1. Introducing Symantec Mobile Management
  2. Setting up Mobile Management
  3. Setting up a Mobile Device Management Certificate
  4. Installing Mobile Management
  5. Configuring Mobile Management
  6. Setting up Exchange ActiveSync
  7. Setting up the Mobile Management Agent on iOS devices
  8. Setting up the Mobile Management Agent on Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices
  9. Managing the Mobile Library for iOS devices
  10. Using actions, policies, and configuration profiles
  11. Using inventory data, reports, and the event log
  12. Remotely managing devices
  13. Managing software on Windows Mobile devices
  14. Appendix A, Creating the in-house Mobile Management Agent application for iOS devices
  15. Appendix B, Troubleshooting
  16. Appendix C, Third-Party Attributions



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