Workspace Streaming 6.1 SP7 known issues

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After installing a standalone data access component you are unable to add additional components using the Add/Remove Programs Modify option. Uninstall the data access component and then reinstall all required components.
After uploading a package using runclient.cmd the package is enabled only for the default server group. Enable the package for addition server groups using the Streaming Console.

Issues with Modify option in Add/Remove Programs:

  • User cannot add multi-node Front End components if multi-node Back End components are already installed.
  • User cannot add multi-node Back End components if multi-node Front End components are already installed.
Install Front End components and Back End components on different computers.
Package corruption mail is not automatically sent when packages are corrupted. Change the mail configuration options and restart the STE. Then upload the packages to the repository and restart the STE again.
When creating a repository and repository rule on the externalRepos.awe page, you receive "Error code 1001f: Server failed to authenticate session" after entering the IP address. Rewrite the IP address with a wildcard. CIDR string processing is not supported.

You are not able to modify the multi-node Front End server to add a DA component on a Windows 2008 computer.

Login to the domain administrator account and add the DA component.
When upgrading from 6.1 SP4, appstreamcfg.txt file is not copied to the \launchserv\webapps\launchserv\new folder. See TECH155521.
When upgrading from 6.1 SP6 MP1, setupcfg.txt file settings are overwritten. Customize the setupcfg.txt file settings after the server is upgraded.


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