Workspace Streaming 6.1 SP7 fixed issues

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Fixed an issue in the Streaming Console that caused the Data Access Component to not be selected when you selected the Data Access Group. Now when the group is selected on the Component Status page all group components are selected.
 Fixed an issue that prevented the application manager from being updated correctly when upgrading the Workspace Streaming from 5.2.2 to 6.1 SP2. Customers on 5.2.2 should upgrade to 6.1 SP1 and then to 6.1 SP7.
 Fixed an issue that caused a SEVHost.exe CPU spike in rare circumstances on computers with the SEV Agents installed.
 Fixed an issue that prevented the Workspace Streaming Server and Agent from installing correctly on the same computer (this configuration is intended for evaluation only).
 Fixed an issue that prevented using the Agent installation %DIR_SETUP% option with certain pathnames that contain hyphens.
 Fixed an issue that caused registry values created by the Workspace Streaming AppMgrService to receive ~AS_ prefixes in some circumstances. Processes from virtualized layers are no longer registry hooked and these entries no longer appear with ~AS_ prefixes.
Fixed an issue in Workspace Streaming that caused an Active Directory CPU utilization spike when accessing directory information in the Streaming Console.
Fixed an issue that prevented a user from adding Data Access components without removing the Streaming Server and Streaming Portal components.
Fixed an issue that caused a null pointer exception when the user tries to export a package with more than 550 packages uploaded to the STE.


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