Symantec™ Client Firewall Policy Migration Guide 12.1

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This guide describes how to migrate your Symantec Client Firewall policies to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager by using the Symantec Client Firewall Migration Wizard.


SCF_Policy_Migration_Guide_SEP12.1.pdf (296 kBytes)
Руководство по миграции политик Symantec™ Client Firewall
SCF_Policy_Migration_Guide_SEP12.1_Russian.pdf (346 kBytes)

Podręcznik migracji zasad programu Symantec™ Client Firewall
SCF_Policy_Migration_Guide_SEP12.1_Polish.pdf (329 kBytes)
Příručka pro přenesení zásad aplikace Symantec™ Client Firewall
SCF_Policy_Migration_Guide_SEP12.1_Czech.pdf (331 kBytes)
Symantec™ Client Firewall-Richtlinien-Migrations-Handbuch
SCF_Policy_Migration_Guide_SEP12.1_German.pdf (276 kBytes)
Guía de migración de políticas de Symantec™ Client Firewall
SCF_Policy_Migration_Guide_SEP12.1_Spanish.pdf (295 kBytes)
Guide de migration de politique de Symantec™ Client Firewall
SCF_Policy_Migration_Guide_SEP12.1_French.pdf (308 kBytes)
Guida alla migrazione delle politiche di Symantec™ Client Firewall
SCF_Policy_Migration_Guide_SEP12.1_Italian.pdf (279 kBytes)
Guia de Migração de Políticas do Symantec™ Client Firewall
SCF_Policy_Migration_Guide_SEP12.1_Brazilian.pdf (307 kBytes)

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