Altiris™ Monitor Solution for Servers 7.1 SP2 from Symantec™ User Guide

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Altiris™ Monitor Solution for Servers 7.1 SP2 from Symantec™ User Guide


1. Introducing Monitor Solution
About Monitor Solution
What's new in Monitor Solution 7.1 SP2
Components of Monitor Solution
How Monitor Solution works
About Monitor Pack for Servers
Where to get more information
2. Configuring the Monitor Solution Server
Configuring the monitor server
About monitor packs
Importing monitor packs
About database maintenance
Maintaining collected performance data
About heartbeat
Setting up the monitor server’s heartbeat settings
3. Configuring the Monitor Plug-in
About the Monitor Plug-in
About Monitor Plug-in installation policies
About Monitor Plug-in configuration policies
About Monitor policies
About Monitor Plug-in profiling
Preparing managed computers for agent-based monitoring
Creating new Monitor Plug-in settings
Configuring Monitor Plug-in settings
Monitor Plug-in configuration settings: General tab
Monitor Plug-in configuration settings: Performance Tuning tab
Monitor Plug-in configuration settings: Data Collection tab
Monitor Plug-in configuration settings: Maintenance Windows tab
Installing the Monitor Plug-in
Upgrading the Monitor Plug-in
Uninstalling the Monitor Plug-in
4. Configuring agentless monitoring
About agentless monitoring
About agentless monitoring and network discovery
About monitor service
Setting up a remote monitoring site server
Installing the Pluggable Protocols Architecture (PPA) client computer component on a site server
Removing monitor service from a site server
Adding monitor service to a site server
Monitor site server reports
Configuring remote monitoring server settings
Remote Monitoring Server Settings: General tab
Remote Monitoring Server Settings: Performance Tuning tab
Remote Monitoring Server Settings: Data Collection tab
5. Working with Monitor Policies
Creating a monitor policy with the monitor policy wizard
Creating a monitor policy
Editing agent-based monitor policies
Editing agentless monitor policies
Adding rules to a monitor policy
About application detection
Adding application detection to a monitor policy
Application detection types
How operators work in application detection
Adding computers to a monitor policy
6. Working with Metrics
About metrics
Creating and editing metrics in the metric library
Adding a metric to a rule
Types of metrics
New COM Metric page
New Command Metric page
New Compound Metric page
New Custom DLL Metric page
New Group Metric page
New HTTP Metric page
New Log Event Metric page
New Ping Metric page
New Performance Counter Metric page
New Port Metric page
New SNMP Metric page
New Smart Metric page
New SQL Metric page
New Windows Process Metric page
New Windows Service Metric page
New WMI Metric page
New WS-MAN Metric page
About multiple instance metrics
7. Working with rules
About rules
Creating and editing rules in the rule library
Cloning rules
Creating and editing rules
About metric evaluation
New Metric Evaluation page for log event rules
New Metric Evaluation page for Metric rule types
New Metric Evaluation page for NT Event rule types
Types of rules
8. Working with tasks and actions
About Monitor Solution tasks and actions
About severity states
Monitor task types
Adding tokens to a Send Email task
Adding actions to rules
Adding actions to monitor policies
Monitor client and server token types
9. Viewing Monitored Data
About the Monitoring and Alerting home page
Viewing historical performance data
Viewing real-time performance data
Monitored Resources dialog box and Resources with Historical Data dialog box
Viewing Monitor Solution reports
10. Using alert management
About alerts
About alert management
Note on time zones and alerts
About Event Console alert filters
Alert Filter Settings page
Filtering alerts
Creating and saving alert filters
About advanced search filters
Creating advanced search filters
Viewing alerts
Hiding resolved alerts
Alert Rule Settings page
Creating an alert matching rule
Adding or editing rules to discard alerts
Forwarding alerts to another management system
Running a task in response to an alert
About Event Console tokens
Event Console token types
About the Event Console workflow rule
About workflow rule configuration
Adding or editing workflow rules
About alert purging
Purging old and low-severity alerts
Viewing the health of an organizational group
Working with Event Console tasks
Change alert status task page
Create resource task page
Event Console purge policy task page
Raise message task page
Reprioritize alert task page
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