Virtual Composer 6.1 SP7 MP2 User's Guide

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Wise Virtual Composer lets you package and virtualize applications for use in Workspace Streaming and Workspace Virtualization.


Table of Contents:

About Virtual Composer
Understanding the packaging process
Package creation overview
System requirements
Installing Virtual Composer
Starting Virtual Composer
About application packages
Creating an application package
Before you create an application package
Creating a package and a virtual software layer
Configuring virtual software layer settings using SWV Admin
Configuring virtual software layer dependencies
Adding supported streaming operating systems
Reviewing application shortcuts
Capturing applications with long path names
About upgrade packages
Before you create an upgrade package
Creating an upgrade package
Creating an upgrade package using an application's auto update feature
About metering packages
Creating a metering package
Adding a metering configuration
Adding a metering package rule
Adding an uninstallation script
Sample MSI uninstallation script
Capturing applications with the Layer Wizard
Creating a package using the Packaging Wizard
Using the Advanced Package Editor
Saving the system environment when using global capture
Compiling a package
Package output files
About Application Details
About Virtualization settings
About uploading packages
About templates
Creating a template
Editing default templates
Editing an existing template
Applying a template to a package
Dependent layers in a template
Setting a template as a default template
How to get more templates
Template properties reference
Selecting a template to package Microsoft Office
Creating an empty template for use with command line
About event scripts
About streaming events
About virtual layer events
Adding a script to a package
Returning script results
File paths in scripts
Event Script options
Event script variables
About XPF format
Creating an xpf
How to export a package
About supported OSs
Application shortcuts and Metering configurations
Enabling 64-bit packages to run on 32-bit computers
About the command line interface
Starting the command line interface
WiseVCCMD Command-Line Parameters
Preference Editor
Customizing toolbars
Changing the application theme
Disabling tool tips

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