IT Management Suite (ITMS) 7.5 Documentation

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The ITMS 7.5 product documentation links are as follows:

Suite-level documents

IT Management Suite 7.5 Hotfix
IT Management Suite 7.5 HF6 Release Notes DOC7337
IT Management Suite 7.5 HF5 Release Notes DOC7204
IT Management Suite 7.5 HF4 Release Notes DOC7126
IT Management Suite 7.5 HF3 Release Notes DOC7103
IT Management Suite 7.5 HF2 Release Notes DOC7076
IT Management Suite 7.5 HF1 Release Notes DOC6860
IT Management Suite 7.5
Release Notes DOC5329
What has changed in the release notes for IT Management Suite 7.5 DOC5702
Platform Support Matrix 6.x/7.x HOWTO9965
IT Management Suite - OS Platform Support OSPlatSupp
IT Management Suite 7.5 unsupported solution upgrade HOWTO92275
Planning for Implementation Guide DOC5670
Installation and Upgrade Guide DOC5697
Administration Guide DOC5330
Migration Guide version 7.0 to 7.5 DOC5669
Migration Guide version 6.x to 7.5 DOC5668
Symantec™ Management Platform 7.5 Release Notes DOC6713
Linux and UNIX Management Guide DOC6722
Cloud-enabled Management Whitepaper DOC7049
Asset Management Suite 7.5
Release Notes DOC5695
User Guide DOC5681
Client Management Suite 7.5  
Release Notes DOC5710
User Guide DOC5713
Mac Management Guide DOC6014
Server Management Suite 7.5
Release Notes DOC5711
User Guide DOC5708
ITMS Admin iPAD app 1.0 DOC5614


Solution documents Location
Barcode Solution 7.5 User Guide DOC5682
CMDB Solution 7.5 User Guide DOC5691
Deployment Solution 7.5 Release Notes DOC5803
Deployment Solution 7.5 User Guide DOC5678
Symantec™ Endpoint Protection Integration Component 7.5 User Guide DOC5671
Inventory Solution 7.5 User Guide DOC5719
Inventory for Network Devices 7.5 User Guide DOC5717
IT Analytics 7.5 Release Notes DOC5660
Client Server Management Pack for IT Analytics 7.5 User Guide DOC5658
Monitor Solution for Servers 7.5 User Guide DOC5767
Patch Management Solution 7.5 for Windows® User Guide DOC5768
Patch Management Solution 7.5 for Linux® User Guide DOC5772
Patch Management Solution 7.5 for Mac® User Guide DOC5776
pcAnywhere Solution™ 12.6.7 User Guide DOC5394
Real-Time System Management 7.5 User Guide DOC5709
ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1 Release Notes DOC6825
ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1 Implementation Guide DOC6823
ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1 User Guide DOC6824
Software Management Solution 7.5 User Guide DOC5446
Software Portal 7.5 User Guide DOC5616
Virtual Machine Management 7.5 User Guide DOC5667
Workflow 7.5 Release Notes DOC5951
Workflow 7.5 Component Developer's Guide DOC5940
Workflow 7.5 User Guide DOC5941




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