NetBackup Release Notes, Administration, Installation, Troubleshooting, Getting Started, and Solutions Guides

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This article provides links to NetBackup Release Notes, Administration Guides, Installation Guides, Troubleshooting Guides, Getting Started Guides, and Solutions Guides.

NOTE:  Beta documentation, Rapid Adopter documentation, or First Availability documentation is available on SymBeta.

NetBackup 7.6 Guides

NetBackup 7.5 Guides

NetBackup 7.1 Guides

NetBackup 7.0.1 Guides

NetBackup 7.0 Guides

NetBackup Compatibility Guides

Overwhelmed by the volume of documentation?

Sometimes it's difficult to know where to look in our large document set. We have made the information more accessible by providing all of the content of the PDFs linked here in individual, web-searchable topics. You can access this information through your favorite search engine by typing in keywords or questions. The best practice is to use the NetBackup version number. For example, typing NetBackup 7.6 credentials VMware should yield Adding NetBackup credentials for VMware as one of the top results.


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