Veritas™ Cluster Server Release Notes

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Veritas™ Cluster Server Release Notes


1. Veritas Cluster Server Release Notes
About this document
Component product release notes
About Veritas Cluster Server
About VCS agents
About Symantec Operations Readiness Tools
Important release information
Changes introduced in 6.0
Changes related to installation and upgrades
Online Migration of native LVM volumes to VxVM volumes
Changes to the VCS engine
Changes related to IMF
Changes related to VCS triggers
New attributes
Changes to VCS bundled agents
Changes to database agents
Changes to VCS clusters in secure mode
Changes to LLT
Changes to GAB
Changes to I/O fencing
Changes related to virtualization support
Licensing changes in the SFHA Solutions 6.0 release
Enhancements to collecting a VxExplorer troubleshooting archive
Changes related to product documentation
Changes introduced in VCS 5.1SP1PR1
Support for AIX 7.1
Attributes supported in VCS 5.1SP1PR1
VCS system requirements
Hardware compatibility list
Supported AIX operating systems
AIX 7.1 support for virtual processors
Supported VCS agents
No longer supported
No longer supported agents and components
Deprecated attributes
Known issues
NFS cluster I/O fails when storage is disabled
Recovery and rollback to original configuration may not succeed if the system reboots while the online migration setup is in partial state (2611423)
Issues related to installation
Operational issues for VCS
Issues related to the VCS engine
Issues related to the bundled agents
Issues related to the VCS database agents
Issues related to the agent framework
Issues related to global clusters
Issues related to LLT
Issues related to GAB
Issues related to I/O fencing
Issues related to Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF)
Issues related to the Cluster Manager (Java Console)
Issues related to Virtual Business Services (VBS)
Software limitations
Limitations related to installing and upgrading VCS
Limitations related to VCS engine
Limitations related to bundled agents
Limitations related to the VCS database agents
Limitations related to global clusters
Systems in a cluster must have same system locale setting
Limitations with DiskGroupSnap agent
Virtualizing shared storage using VIO servers and client partitions
Cluster Manager (Java console) limitations
The operating system does not distinguish between IPv4 and IPv6 packet counts
A service group that runs inside of a WPAR may not fail over when its network connection is lost
Limitations related to LLT
Limitations related to I/O fencing
Documentation errata
Veritas Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide
Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide
Documentation set
Manual pages
New features related to Virtual Business Services (VBS)
Ordered Start/Stop operations on a VBS
Ability to perform VBS operations via CLI
DR support for VBS
VBS support for robust fault management
Secure access control for Virtual Business Services
Audit trail of operations performed on a VBS


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