Veritas Storage Foundation™ Release Notes

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Veritas Storage Foundation™ Release Notes


1. Storage Foundation Release Notes
About this document
Component product release notes
About Veritas Storage Foundation
About Symantec Operations Readiness Tools
Important release information
Changes introduced in 6.0
Changes related to Veritas Storage Foundation (SF)
Licensing changes in the SFHA Solutions 6.0 release
Changes related to installation and upgrades
Enhancements to collecting a VxExplorer troubleshooting archive
Changes related to product documentation
No longer supported
Veritas Storage Foundation for Databases (SFDB) tools features which are no longer supported
System requirements
Supported HP-UX 11i v3 operating systems
Hardware compatibility list (HCL)
Veritas Storage Foundation for Database features supported in database environments
Veritas Storage Foundation memory requirements
Known issues
Issues related to installation
Veritas Storage Foundation known issues
Veritas Volume Manager known issues
Veritas File System known issues
Replication known issues
Veritas Storage Foundation for Databases (SFDB) tools known issues
Software limitations
Veritas File System software limitations
Veritas Volume Manager software limitations
Replication software limitations
Veritas Storage Foundation for Databases (SFDB) tools software limitations
Documentation errata
Veritas Storage Foundation Administrator's Guide
Documentation set
Manual pages


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