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ITMS Admin app is a mobile extension of the Symantec Management Console. It lets you monitor client computers, check Patch, Inventory and Software data. It also lets you start the tasks on client computers, check status of policies and tasks, and more. The app supports Symantec IT Management Suite 7.5 or higher.

The ITMS Admin is a two-part solution that includes:

- An app that you download and install on your iPad.
- The server part that is installed directly on your Notification Server.


If you have upgraded to or installed ITMS 7.5 after the 2nd of December 2013, you do not have to install the server part manually, as the server part of the app is included with your original installation. To start using ITMS Admin iPad app, on your iPad, go to AppStore and install the ITMS Admin iPad app ( 

However, if you have upgraded to or installed ITMS 7.5 before the 2nd of December 2013, in order to obtain the server part of the ITMS Admin iPad app, you need to upgrade the Enhanced Console Views component to the version ECV 7.5 MP1. This upgrade lets the app connect to the Notification Server. 

To upgrade the Enhanced Console Views, do the following:

  1. In the Symantec Management (SIM), click Upgrade installed products.
  2. In the installation wizard, on the Upgrade Installed Products page, click Enhanced Console Views 7.5. MP1, and then click Next.
  3. On the End User License Agreement, read the agreement, then, at the bottom of the page, check I accept the terms in the license agreements, and then click Next.
  4. On the Contact Information page, type the required information, and then click Next.
  5. On the Install Readiness Check page, wait for the results of the check, make sure that all the recommended components are up to date, and then click Next.
  6. On the Review Installation Details page, review the information, and then click Begin install.
  7. After the upgrade is completed, on the Installation Complete page, click Finish.
After you install the server part of the app, on your iPad, go to AppStore and install the ITMS Admin iPad app.

Signing in

  • On the iPad, on the sign-in page of the app, type the user name and the password.
    You can use either a domain or a local user login name. To be able to sign into the ITMS Admin app, you have to use an account that has Symantec Administrator security role privileges and permissions.
  • You can type a server name or an IP address of the Notification Server that you installed the server end of the app on. The names of the previously used servers are saved. Tap Server Name or IP address text box, to view a scrollable list of saved server names.
  • The app supports different protocols and custom ports. You can specify both the protocol and the port manually, using the following format: protocol://server:PORT, where protocol can be either HTTPS or HTTP, and the server address can be either a server name or an IP.
    By default, the app uses HTTPS protocol.  HTTP is used as an alternative, if the HTTPS connection failed. 

Navigation and Search

  • Org.View / Group list of computers is generated and refreshed as you scroll down. Computers are listed in an alphabetic order. You can type letters or full names of the computers in the Search text box to locate the computers faster.
  • The Saved Searches folders must be previously created on the Notification Server. All of the Saved Searches folders that you create in the Symantec Management Console are visible from the app and can be used to find specific client computers.
    For more information on how to create Saved Searches folders, please see:
    Before you start using the list of computers in a Saved Searches folder, you must wait for the list to generate fully.
  • To refresh current list, swipe the left pane down. 
  • To sign out, at the bottom of the screen, slide the Org.View / Group to the right, and tap Log out
  • To go back directly to one of the previous steps of your current path, use the breadcrumb view at the bottom of the page.
  • To update the view, tap the Refresh icon in the top right corner.
  • To navigate between the pages, swipe left or right. The dots in the top right corner of the information view display the number of pages the current tab contains.

Main features

For each individual computer (server or client) the following tabs are available.

Tab Available Features
  • Software page
    Lets you view the information provided by the Patch Management solution. It also lets you monitor the managed software delivery status via the Software Management solution.
  • Device Details page
    Lets you view OS, hardware, Location and Warranty information for the client computer.

For any client computer under the Notification Server that you are currently viewing, it does the following:

  • Lets you refresh the current configuration data.
  • Lets you request basic inventory.
  • Lets you run any preexisting Job or Task on a client computer.
  • Lets you connect to the client computer directly using Remote Desktop.
    The Remote Control feature automatically populates the host name and IP of the device that you are viewing.
    Note:This feature requires third-party remote control apps.
    Currently, 3 applications are supported:
    - iTap
    - RealVNC
    - PocketCLoud
  • Lets you restart the computer.
  • Lets you shut the computer .
Jobs/Tasks Lets you view the history data of the Jobs or Tasks for the last 14 days.
Policies Let you view the list of targeted policies and their activation status.
Software Lets you see the following lists:
  • Software Updates and statuses (provided by Patch Management).
  • Installed Software Products (provided by Inventory solution).

Devices and operation systems that are currently supported by the ITMS Admin app

iPad1 iPad2 iPad3 iPad4 iPad Mini iPhone iPod Touch
iOS5 Yes Yes       No No
iOS6   Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
iOS7     Yes Yes Yes No No


Limitations and other things to know

  • The current version of the ITMS Admin app only supports horizontal view.
  • You need at least 40 MB of free space on your iPad to install the app.
  • When using this app within a hierarchy, you can either connect to a parent or to a child Notification Server. The app lists the client computers under the Notification Server that you are currently connected to (either a parent or a child NS).
  • Currently, ITMS Admin iPad app is only available in English. However, since the app is an extension of your Symantec Management Console, if you have computer names, tasks, policies and etc. in a language other than English, your custom names are displayed. You can also use languages other than English to search for computers in the Org.View / Group.
  • The app does not let you create new Saved Searches folders, tasks, policies, etc. since there is no text input option. All of the information available in the app is a mirror image of your original Symantec Management Console.
  • Currently, Summary data for Patch Management Solution is not supported for ULM client computer.
  • Before you schedule Virtual Machine Management task from the ITMS Admin app, ensure that, in your Symantec Management Console, the task has all the required information in all fields (i.e. Name, Description, Guest OS, OS Version, Memory, CPUs).


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