Symantec Mobile Management 7.2 MR 1 Implementation Guide

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Symantec Mobile Management 7.2 MR 1 Implementation Guide


I. Setting up Symantec Mobile Management 7.2
1. Introducing Symantec Mobile Management7.2
What's new in Mobile Management 7.2
Getting started with Mobile Management
Before you begin
Components of Mobile Management
2. Setting up Mobile Management
Setting up Mobile Management
Mobile Management certificate distribution
3. Setting up a Mobile Device Management Certificate
About the Mobile Device Management (MDM) Certificate
Setting up an MDM Certificate
MDM Certificate requirements
Exporting an MDM Certificate using Mac OS X
Generating a certificate request
Exporting an MDM Certificate using a Windows Server 2003 or 2008
Installing an MDM Certificate
4. Installing Mobile Management
About installing Mobile Management
Basic installation workflow for Symantec Mobile Management
Running the Symantec Mobile Management Prerequisite Check Utility
Installing Mobile Management on an existing Symantec Management Platform server
Installing Mobile Management on a new server
Rolling out the site server
Downloading and installing the Mobile Management Agent app
Enrolling a mobile device
Changing the enrollment URL to an email address for iOS devices
Enabling and creating the End User License Agreement for iOS devices
About the differences between the app store and the in-house Mobile Management Agent applications
5. Migrating to Symantec Mobile Management 7.2
Upgrading Symantec Mobile Management
6. Licensing Symantec Mobile Management 7.2
Licensing basics
Using the trial license
Using a license purchased before installing Symantec Mobile Management
Adding or updating a Symantec Mobile Management license
Licensing status summary
7. Configuring Mobile Management
Configuring Mobile Management
Integrating an MDM Certificate
Configuring the site server to communicate with mobile devices
Configuring profile security settings
Configuring iOS device MDM enrollment
Adding additional configuration profiles
Adding non-approved platforms
Setting up Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)
Setting the Mobile Management Agent configuration schedule for Windows mobile devices
8. Setting up Exchange ActiveSync
About using Exchange ActiveSync with Mobile Management
Setting up Exchange ActiveSync
Enabling the Exchange ActiveSync functionality
Configuring the SymantecEASService NT
Selecting the Exchange ActiveSync server
Restarting the Mobile Management Service Agent
Verifying the SymantecEASService configuration
9. Setting up Data Loss Prevention for iOS on the Mobile Management server
About setting up Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for iOS on the Mobile Management server
Configuring Mobile Management to use DLP
Creating VPN credentials
Configuring VPN for DLP
Configuring the VPN assignment for DLP
Configuring the DLP settings
Configuring remediation rules
Setting the resource target
II. Using Symantec Mobile Management
10. Using actions, policies, and configuration profiles
About actions
Performing actions on mobile devices
About policies
Creating policies
Assigning policies
Supported policies for specific devices
About configuration profiles on iOS devices
Devices that support configuration profiles
Setting up configuration profiles for iOS devices
Creating configuration profiles
Adding configuration profiles to a policy
Assigning configuration profile policies
About available configuration profile settings for iOS devices
About AutoLock settings on iOS devices
11. Managing the Mobile Library
About the Mobile Library
Setting up Mobile Library feeds
Creating Mobile Library feeds
Adding items to Mobile Library feeds
Targeting a Mobile Library feed
Publishing an existing feed or item
12. Using inventory data, reports, and the event log
About inventory data
Viewing inventory data
Setting the inventory schedule for Windows Mobile devices
Setting the inventory schedule for iOS devices
About reports
Running reports
Available reports by device
About event logs
Viewing the event log
13. Using TouchDown™ with Symantec Mobile Management
Configuring Symantec Mobile Management for TouchDown™
Assigning the TouchDown policy
TouchDown account payload settings
TouchDown policy payload settings
TouchDown user payload settings
14. Common Android management tasks
Locking a lost or stolen Android device
Removing policies and resetting the Agent on an Android device
Wiping the data from a lost or stolen Android device.
Clearing and setting passcodes on Android devices
Updating policies on Android devices
Retrieving the inventory from Android devices
Viewing Android device information
15. Managing software on Windows Mobile devices
About software management on Windows Mobile devices
Creating software packages for Windows Mobile devices
Delivering software packages to Windows Mobile devices
Configuring the software maintenance windows
Software package actions
Software package health actions
Sample AppUpdate runtime substitution tokens
A. System requirements and port usage for Symantec Mobile Management 7.2
Mobile Management requirements
Network ports used by Mobile Management
Supported devices and device operating systems
B. Mobile device management features
Mobile device features
C. Creating the in-house Mobile Management Agent application for iOS devices
About the in-house Mobile Management Agent application
Creating the in-house Mobile Management Agent application
Requirements for creating the in-house Mobile Management Agent application
Downloading a WWDR Intermediate Certificate
Creating a Developer Certificate
Registering an iOS device for testing
Setting up an App ID
Downloading the project
Preparing the iOS device for testing
Loading the project
Creating and installing a Development Provisioning Profile
Customizing the Bundle identifier
Customizing the localized string files
Customizing the Target settings
Building and testing the application
Building and distributing the application
D. Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting configuration policy distribution problems
Troubleshooting iOS device agent enrollment
Troubleshooting Mobile Management Server configurations
About troubleshooting errors with the SymantecEASService configuration
Verifying that the Push Certificate Subject matches the App ID's Bundle identifier
Configuring Mobile Management to work with a development APNS certificate
E. Third-Party Attributions
Third-Party Legal Notices
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