Nukona App Center 3.0 : App Policies in App Center v3.0

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App Policy controls the execution of an application or secure web app. The app policy is the set of rules that is applied to a running application or secure web app. App Policy is not the set of entitlements that governs distribution, download, and installation of applications and content. Those rules are set in the group mapping in the Apps or Content tabs.

App Policy is associated with an application, with the association set in the Apps tab, per application. You can assign, view, or change the app policy from this screen.

Managing App Policies

  • When a policy is selected the list of apps associated with the policy is displayed
  • To create a new policy, use the “New Policy” button
  • To delete a policy, use the Delete button. There is no undoing this action. You cannot delete a policy as long as any app is using the policy. Each app using the policy must be examined individually to change its policy
  • To edit an existing policy, use the Edit button
  • When a policy is assigned to an app, or when the policy associated with an app is changed and saved, the app is updated with the new policy. Users are then notified that a new version of the app is available. The app update process may take a few minutes, depending on the number of apps and system load.

Note that policy is applied dynamically to the application and policy is updated in a running app on the


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