Altiris™ Real-Time System Managment 7.5 from Symantec™ User Guide

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Altiris™ Real-Time System Management 7.5 User Guide


1. Introducing Real-Time System Management
About Real-Time System Management
2. Running one-to-many tasks
About one-to-many tasks
Managing the power state of computers remotely
Using the Restore State power action
Automatically turning off computers in critical state
Collecting and viewing Intel AMT, DASH, and IPMI inventory
Updating BIOS settings
Resetting a local user password on multiple computers
Managing a process on multiple computers
Managing a service on multiple computers
Updating Intel AMT and DASH alert settings
Booting multiple computers from a remote location
Filtering the network traffic on multiple computers
Updating Intel AMT settings or unconfiguring Intel AMT
3. Managing resourses one-to-one in real time
About one-to-one real time management
Initiating real time connection
Turning off, turning on, or restarting a client computer
Starting a Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) remote control session
Starting a Serial-over-LAN (SOL) remote control session
Booting a computer from remote location using IDE-R
Blocking network traffic from and to the computer
Configuring the Intel AMT device settings
Viewing client computer logs
Managing BIOS settings
Managing the properties of Symantec Management Agent in real time
Activating a virtual layer
4. Additional functionality
Additional functionality and portal actions available in Real-Time System Manager
Resetting a domain user password
Running the port check
Configuring the port check settings
Modifying the list of open network filtering ports
Adding or removing custom views
A. List of available operations
List of available operations
Managements processes
Audit Nodes
Information Nodes
B. Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Real-Time System Manager connection
Configuring the firewall to allow WMI connection
Configuring the firewall on a single computer
Configuring the firewall on multiple domain computers with a group policy
Disabling simple file sharing on Windows XP SP2
Configuring User Access Control on Windows Vista or later versions of Windows
C. Technical Reference
Ports used by Real-Time System Manager
How authentication works
About changes in default system security
Network filtering ports and settings
Power management and redirection capabilities


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