Nukona App Center 3.1 : Administration Guide

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The attached guide provides basic operations information to assist administrators in the setup and deployment of Nukona’s products. The document provides an overview of administration of Nukona App Center™, Nukona Content Center™, and the methods of deploying and securing enterprise apps, data, and content.


The reader is assumed to have a basic knowledge of enterprise network configuration, including, but not limited to, knowledge of identity management, web setups, load-balancers, network traffic topologies, configuration of typical enterprise network architectures.


Additionally, the reader will require access to resources such as the Apple Enterprise License Certificate, and the ability to create new provisioning profiles for iOS. It is recommended that access to staff or resources with a working knowledge of relevant development environments (Apple’s Xcode and Android) be available.


Nukona development partners with this experience can be found here:


Table of Contents

  • About the Nukona App Center
    • Nukona Products Overview
      • Which Products are Right for You?
    • Deployment Options
      • Public Cloud/SaaS
      • On-Premise (Red Hat/CentOs)
  • Setting Up Your App Center
    • Getting started with the deployment of your App Center
      • Getting Started with the Public Cloud/SaaS Option
      • Getting Started with the On-Premise (Red Hat/CentOs) Option
    • Integrating with Identity Provider Solutions
      • SAML
      • Active Directory / LDAP
  • Inside the Admin Console
    • Login Screen
    • The Home Page
    • The Apps Page
    • The App Policy Page
    • The Content Page
    • The Content Policy Page
    • The Users Page
      • Onboarding Users
    • The Devices Page
    • The Device Policy Page
    • The Downloads Page
    • The Account Page
    • The Reports Page
      • Standard Reports
    • The Settings Page
      • User Authentication
      • iOS Client
      • Android Client
      • Mobile User Invitation Email
      • External Identity Provider
      • Device Management
      • Notifications
      • Android Keystore Certificates
      • Apple/iOS Certificates
      • Standard/Enterprise Edition
      • APIs
      • Branding
      • International
      • Metadata
      • BlackBerry
      • Roles & Permissions
      • Google GCM
  • iOS Certs and App Center Client
    • About the iOS Certs and App Center Client
    • Apple’s Licensing Approach
    • Creating an App ID Push Certificate
    • Creating an MDM Certificate
    • Adding Certificates to the Key Chain
    • Creating a Mobile Provisioning Profile
    • Creating an App Center Client
    • Keys Management and Security Options
      • Apple / iOS Certificates
      • User Passwords
  • Appendix A: FAQ
    • Apps/Content
    • Webclip client/Native client
    • Admin Console
    • Physical installation and configuration
  • Support



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