Symantec Installation Manager 7.5 Release Notes

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The Release Notes for Symantec Installation Manager 7.5 (build 7.5.92) includes the following information:

  • About Symantec Installation Manager 7.5
  • What's new in Symantec Installation Manager 7.5
  • Installing the Symantec Installation Manager
  • Known issues
  • Fixed issues

Change History

The following changes have been made to the Symantec Installation Manager 7.5 Release Notes:

Revision date Summary of changes
21 May 2013

Added the following known issues:

  • In few cases, it is not possible to select documentation to be installed on the Optional Installations page of Symantec Installation Manager.

  • Cannot install Symantec Management Platform on a server with a previous installation of the SSDK (Altiris Solution SDK).

  • Uninstallation of Symantec Management Platform products does not remove few files and folders.

Impacted topic: Known issues



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