Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.1.3 - Documentation

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Installation and Configuration

Publication Description Article
Release Notes Describes updates related to installation, upgrades, and operational considerations, including resolved and known issues related to the Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery software. DOC6636
Installation Guide Describes prerequisites, and how to perform a full install of the Clearwell software application  DOC6637
Upgrade Overview Guide Provides critical upgrade information, by version, useful prior to upgrading an appliance to the current product release  DOC6638
Upgrade Guide Describes prerequisites and upgrade information for the current customers with a previous version of the Clearwell software application  DOC6639
Utility Node Guide For customers using utility nodes, describes how to install and configure appliances as utility nodes for use with an existing Clearwell software setup  DOC6640
Native Viewer Installation Guide Describes how to install and configure the Brava Client for native document rendering and redaction for use during analysis and review in Clearwell  DOC6641
Distributed Architecture Deployment Guide Provides installation and configuration information for the Review/Processing Scalability feature (7.x) in a distributed architecture deployment  DOC6642

Getting Started

Publication Description Article
Navigation Reference Card Provides a mapping of the Clearwell user interface (7.x) compared to 6.x  DOC6643
Administrator's QuickStart Guide Describes basic appliance and case configuration  DOC6644
Reviewer's QuickStart Guide A reviewer's reference to using the Analysis & Review module in Clearwell  DOC6645
Tagging Reference Card Describes how tag sets and filter type impact filter counts  DOC6646

User and Administration

Publication Description Article
Legal Hold User Guide Describes how to set up and configure a Clearwell appliance for Legal Holds, and use the Legal Hold module as an administrator in Clearwell  DOC6647
Identification and Collection Guide  Describes how to prepare and collect data for processing, using the Identification and Collection module  DOC6648
Case Administration Guide Describes case setup, processing, and management, plus pre-processing navigation, tips, and recommendations. Includes processing exceptions reference and associated reports, plus file handling information for multiple languages, and supported file types and file type mapping  DOC6649
System Administration Guide  Includes system backup, restore, and support features, configuration, and anti-virus scanning guidelines for use with Clearwell  DOC6650
Load File Import Guide  Describes how to import load file sources into Clearwell  DOC6651
User Guide  Describes how to perform searches, analysis, and review, including detailed information and syntax examples for performing advanced searches  DOC6652
Export and Production Guide  Describes how to use, produce, and troubleshoot exports  DOC6653
Transparent Predictive Coding User Guide  Describes how to use the Transparent Predictive Coding feature to train the system to predict results from control data and tag settings  DOC6654

Reference and Support

Publication Description Article
Legal Hold A quick reference card of how to create and manage holds and notifications  DOC6655
Collection A quick reference card of how to collect data in Clearwell  DOC6656
OnSite Collection A quick reference for performing OnSite collection tasks  DOC6657
Review and Redaction Reviewer's reference card of all redaction functions  DOC6658
Keyboard Shortcuts A quick reference card listing all supported shortcuts  DOC6659
Production Administrator's reference card for production exports  DOC6660
User Rights Management A quick reference card for managing user accounts  DOC6661
IGC Administration  A quick reference for IGC administration DOC6662


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