Cloud-enabled Management Whitepaper for ITMS 7.5

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Cloud-enabled Management Whitepaper for ITMS 7.5


1. Introducing Cloud-enabled Management
About Cloud-enabled Management
Things to know about Cloud-enabled Management
About agent registration
Ways to configure package servers in a mixed environment
Effects of Cloud-enabled Management on site server functionality
2. About SSL certificates
Instances in which Cloud-enabled Management uses SSL certificates
About implementation of SSL in Cloud-enabled Management
Requirements and usage of third-party commercial certificates
Symantec Management Platform SSL certificate
Cloud-enabled Agent website SSL certificate
Wildcard SSL certificate
Site server SSL certificate
3. Preparing your environment for Cloud-enabled Management
Preparing your environment for Cloud-enabled Management
Configuring Notification Server to use HTTPS
Applying a root certificate authority certificate to a managed computer
Redirecting the Symantec Management Agent to use HTTPS
Generating and applying the site server certificate for Cloud-enabled agent access
Configuring a package server to publish HTTPS package codebases
Configuring sites and site servers to serve Cloud-enabled agents
4. Setting up Cloud-enabled Management
Setting up Cloud-enabled Management
Setting the Symantec Agent AppPool to use Integrated Managed Pipeline Mode
Configuring the Cloud-enabled Management Agent IIS Website Settings
About preparing the Internet gateway computer
Downloading and running the Internet gateway installation package
Configuring the Internet gateway
Enabling the Internet gateway status reporting
Configuring the Cloud-enabled Management Settings policy
Installing the Symantec Management Agent on a disconnected computer
5. Performing Cloud-enabled Management tasks
Cloud-enabled Management troubleshooting and maintenance tasks
Generating a temporary client certificate
Installing a temporary certificate on a managed computer
Revoking a Cloud-enabled Management certificate
Forcing the Symantec Management Agent to use a specified Internet gateway
Backing up and restoring an Internet gateway
Viewing Cloud-enabled Management reports


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