Symantec™ Workflow 7.5 SP1 User Guide

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Symantec™ Workflow 7.5 SP1 User Guide


I. Introducing Workflow
1. Introducing Workflow
About Symantec Workflow
How Workflow works
What you can do with Workflow
Other things to know
About the Workflow Solution Center
Workflow video library
Where to get more information
2. Understanding Workflow concepts
Core architectural components of Workflow
About Workflow Designer
About Workflow Server
II. Installing and upgrading Workflow
3. Preparing your Workflow installation
About installing Workflow
Assembling your Workflow team
Configuration options for Workflow installations
Workflow scalability
4. Installing Workflow
Process for installing Workflow
Information to collect for your Workflow installation
Setting up the Workflow computer
Downloading the Workflow Installer
Installing Workflow
5. Upgrading Workflow
Process for upgrading Workflow
Upgrading Workflow
III. Configuring Workflow
6. Configuring Workflow
Process for configuring Workflow
Performing post-migration tasks
7. Managing Active Directory connections
About Active Directory synchronization
Configuring Active Directory sync profiles
Managing Active Directory server connections
Adding Active Directory server connections
Editing the settings of an Active Directory server connection
Deleting an Active Directory server connection
Testing an Active Directory server connection
Selecting Active Directory as the authentication method
Managing Active Directory sync profile schedules
Adding Active Directory sync profile schedules
Editing an Active Directory sync profile schedule
Deleting an Active Directory sync profile schedule
Managing Active Directory sync profiles
Adding Active Directory sync profiles
Editing an Active Directory sync profile
Deleting an Active Directory sync profile
Add Active Directory Sync Profiles and Edit Active Directory Sync Profiles dialog boxes
Methods for synchronizing Active Directory sync profiles
Running a full Active Directory sync profile synchronization manually
Running an update Active Directory sync profile synchronization manually
Synchronizing all Active Directory sync profiles manually
Checking the status of an Active Directory sync profile synchronization
IV. Using Workflow Manager
8. Introducing Workflow Manager
About Workflow Manager
Opening Workflow Manager
Creating a new folder in Workflow Manager
Creating a new Project in Workflow Manager
Searching and filtering Projects in Workflow Manager
Opening a Project in Workflow Manager
Viewing and editing Project information in Workflow Manager
Comparing Projects with Workflow Manager
About the Workflow Repository
Viewing the Workflow Repository
Importing or checking in (adding) Projects to the Workflow Repository
Checking in (creating versions) Projects to the Workflow Repository
Checking out Projects from the Workflow Repository
Locking and unlocking Projects in the Workflow Repository
Connecting to a Workflow Repository
9. About workflow projects
About Workflow Designer Project Types
Workflow Designer tool
Setting up how a project runs
10. About workflow components
About workflow components
Start and End components
Adding components to a project
Connecting components
Component editors
Viewing component help
Viewing the component help (wiki pages)
Contributing to the component pages
Copying components to another model
Copying properties to other components
Adding components to your personal library
11. Working with projects
About project data
Publishing a project
Project documentation
Validating a project model
Importing components into a project
Importing a workflow model
Installing a Monitoring project as a Windows service application
Packaging a project
Testing a project
Running a load test
Reloading a project
Starting and stopping a Windows service Monitoring application
Starting and stopping a task tray Monitoring application
12. About workflow project models
About project models
Creating a project model
Critical errors model
Secondary models
Parent and child models
Where models exist
Models and model components
About Linked and Embedded model components
Data contracts between models
Adding input data to a secondary model
Adding output data to a secondary model
About the Linked Model Component
About the Embedded Model component
About other model components
About the Dynamic Linked Model component
About the template component model
About the component model variable name
About the Embedded Rule Model component
About the Embedded Rule Model process
About the End Components of the Embedded Rule Model
13. Working with the component generators
About the component generators
Creating a new integration project
Creating an automation library
Adding custom data type to an existing automation library
Generating components
Symantec workflow component generators
Adding an assembly to a generator
About the filter generator
About the query script generator
About the stored procedure caller generator
About the Multiple generator container
About the table generator
About the fast table generator
About the DTD generator
About the XML Schema generator
About the Excel generator
About the Active Directory generator
About the SharePoint Lists generator
About the Fixed Length generator
About the Fixed Length generator (extended)
About the Separated Values generator
About the Separated Values generator (extended)
About the LDAP generator
About the Web Service Caller generator
About the User Defined Type with Database Mapping generator
About the User Defined Type generator
About the Custom Workflow Interaction generator
About the WCF Service Caller generator
About the ASDK Component generator
About the ASDK Tasks Component generator
About the Reports Component generator
About the Resource Component generator
About the .NET Library generator
About the Script generator
14. Working with Webforms
About Web forms
About creating a Web form
About using data to build a Web form
About ThisFormData
Setting up a custom event on a form
About form components
About themes
Adding a theme to a form
Editing a form theme
Creating a form theme
About form theme best practices
About form templates
Creating a form template
Applying a form template
15. Working with tasks
About using tasks
About the Dialog Workflow component and tasks
Setting task source in a Dialog Workflow component
Setting a task assignment in a Dialog Workflow component
Delivering a task in Process Manager and email
Delivering a task in an email
Escalations and timeouts
Setting escalations and timeouts
About using business time spans
Creating a business time span in the publishing tab
Creating a business time span in an individual component
V. Using Process Manager
16. About Process Manager
About Process Manager
Opening Process Manager
About Process Manager pages
Process Manager tabs
About Process Manager and tasks
About profiles
Setting your opening portal page
Symbols in Process Manager
About the Process View page
About document types
Actions in the Process View page
Setting the Process View page to open another task automatically
About the tag cloud
17. Managing the portal
About the Manage Pages page
Adding new Process Manager pages
Add Page page
New Page Wizard: Step 2 page
Viewing the settings of a page
Adding a root page
Importing a page
Going to a page
Adding a sub-page
About customizing Process Manager pages
Enabling the customization of a Process Manager page
Customizing a Process Manager page (administrator)
Customizing your Process Manager pages (non-administrator)
Process Manager master settings
About the Process Manager portal master settings
Editing the Process Manager portal master settings
Options on the Site Actions drop-down list
Adding a Web Part to a Process Manager page
Editing a Web Part on a Process Manager page
Sharing a Process Manager page
Editing a Process Manager page
Deleting a page
Moving a page up or down
Exporting a page
Customizing a Process Manager page list
Options for customizing a Process Manager page list
Changing the report for a Process Manager page list
Uploading plug-ins
Adding Web part catalogs
Editing and deleting Web part catalogs
18. Managing Workflow processes in Process Manager
About the Workflow tab
Delegating tasks
Opening a task by ID
Performing an action on multiple tasks at once
Viewing a task or process in Process Manager
Setting up users to view the process view page
Setting up workflow task integration between Workflow Designer and Process Manager
19. Managing documents in Process Manager
About document management
About the Documents page
About the actions that you can perform on documents
About simple and advanced files in the document manager
Adding a new document (Simple file)
Adding a new document (Advanced file)
Searching for documents
Adding a document category
Editing a document category
Adding a document subcategory
Category and Subcategory dialog boxes
Deleting a document category
Displaying the document category history
Adding documents to additional categories
Using the document viewer
Setting category permissions for a document
Creating expected document messages
Add Advanced Document dialog box
Downloading documents
Downloading ZIP files
Viewing documents
Viewing document versions
Viewing the document history
Editing document data
Adding a new document version
Promoting a document version
Setting document permissions
Emailing documents
Deleting documents
Adding a document with a workflow project
20. Managing the Knowledge Base and discussions in Process Manager
About the knowledge base and discussions
Managing categories
Adding a knowledge base article
Adding a Bulletin board
Adding a Wiki
Adding a FAQ
Working with articles
Adding a new entry to an article
Setting permissions for a knowledge base entry
Adding a discussion
Working with discussions
Adding a new thread to a discussion
21. Managing schedules in Process Manager
About schedules
Adding a schedule
Add Schedule dialog box
Working with schedules
22. Managing data in Process Manager
About data management
Working with document types
Working with document category types
Adding a user relationship type
About the Lists and Profiles page
About the Application Properties page
About the document type page
About the document category type page
About the data hierarchy page
About the User Relationship Type page
About the Profile Reference Type page
About the Process Type Actions page
23. Managing the service catalog in Process Manager
About the service catalog
Working with service catalog categories
Adding a Web form to the service catalog
Adding a Web service to the service catalog
Web form settings
Web service settings
24. Managing accounts in Process Manager
About using Active Directory with Process Manager
About adding Active Directory groups to Process Manager
About the default user groups and permissions
Setting up groups, permissions, and users for the first time
About permissions in Process Manager
Creating groups
Add Group dialog box
Modifying groups
Deleting groups
Adding users to groups
Adding or removing permissions for groups
Viewing the list of permissions
Viewing the permissions for a group
Creating organizational units
Creating a new user
Clone User tab
Process Manager Settings tab
Manually adding new Process Manager users from Active Directory
Modifying data for existing users
Enabling or disabling a user
Viewing your Process Manager group memberships
Editing your user account
Changing your password
Sending an email to a Process Manager user
Managing users
Managing a user’s groups
Managing a user’s permissions
Managing a user’s organizations
Setting up user's relationships
Setting key value pairs for users
Managing permissions
Managing organizations
25. Performing administrative tasks in Process Manager
Admin tab
Data tab
Portal tab
Master settings page
26. Mobile Process Manager
About mobile Process Manager
Defining a mobile Web part
Adding a mobile Web part to a page
About setting up phone simulators
27. Reporting in Process Manager
About Process Manager reporting
About the Reports page
Viewing a report
About creating a new report
Adding a new sub report
Creating a standard report
Setting up or modifying the data in standard reports
Customizing the layout of grid standard reports
Setting up or modifying Web Service access for standard reports
Customizing filtering and sorting for standard reports
Modifying standard reports
Setting permissions for reports
Exporting a report definition
Copying a report
Adding reports to a portal page
Adding report categories
Adding report sub categories
Deleting report categories
Setting report category permissions
Adding reports to additional categories
Deleting reports
Add/Edit Standard Report dialog box
Displaying reports in print view
Importing report categories
Importing reports
Adding a report schedule
Applying a schedule to a report
VI. Integrating Workflow
28. Integrating Workflow with the Symantec Management Platform
About Workflow and the Symantec Management Platform
Workflow Enterprise Management page
Default security roles
Adding a new security role
About Deployment Server connection settings
29. Integrating Workflow with Active Directory
Integrating Active Directory with a workflow process
30. Integrating Workflow with SharePoint
Making a task list from Process Manager appear in SharePoint
31. Integrating Process Manager
About Process Manager integration
Integrating Process Manager with Workflow Designer
About integrating Process Manager with Active Directory information
VII. Using the client tools
32. Business Time Span Editor
About the Business TimeSpan Editor
Opening the Business TimeSpan Editor
Creating a business time span in the Business TimeSpan Editor
33. Credentials Manager
About Credentials Manager
Adding credentials in Credentials Manager
Editing credentials in Credentials Manager
34. License Status Manager
About the License Status Manager
35. Local Machine Info Editor
About the Local Machine Info Editor
36. Log Viewer
About the Log Viewer
Sorting log messages by header
Opening the Log Viewer
37. Messaging Console
About the Messaging Console
38. Screen Capture Utility
About the Screen Capture utility
Capturing and editing screen shots
39. Workflow Server Extensions
Starting Workflow Server Extensions
Restarting Workflow Server Extensions
Configuring Server Extensions
Server Extensions Configurator
Configuring Server Extensions manually
40. Task Tray Tool
About the Task Tray Tool
41. Tool Preferences Editor
Editing Workflow Designer preferences
Studio Configuration page
Designer page
Debugging page
Deployment page
42. WebForms Theme Editor
About the Web forms theme editor
Opening the Web forms theme editor
43. Workflow Explorer
About Workflow Explorer
Viewing Workflow Explorer
About SymQ
SymQ Configuration page
Current Running Processes page
SymQ Explorer page
Log Viewer page
Credential page
Business TimeSpan Configuration page
Directory Servers Groups page
VIII. Settings and reference material
44. Workflow Designer preferences
Editing Workflow Designer preferences
45. Symantec Component Datatypes
Symantec component datatypes
A. Workflow support matrix
Workflow 7.5 SP1 support matrix
B. Load Balancing
About load balancing
Example topology of a load-balanced cluster
Setting up load balancing
Installing load balancing
Things to note during installation
Setting up background processing with ServiceDesk
Installing the Front End Servers
Reconfiguring the Process Manager Sessions exchange and Workflow Response Queue to persist data to SQL before load balancing
Editing load balancing cluster nodes
Configuring Active Directory sync and scheduled reports
Optional instructions for setting up a dedicated background processing server
C. Create your first project with the Web Application Project Type
About the Service Catalog Request Template
Part 1: Planning your process
Part 2: Creating a request process
Part 3: Setting up the process and creating the approval and the implementation tasks
Part 4: Debugging the process, creating a process profile, and creating a report
D. Symantec™ Workflow 7.5 SP1 Third-Party Legal Notices
Third-Party Legal Attributions
Apache Log4net v1.2.0 Beta 8
Apache Lucene.NET v2.1
APPENDIX: How to apply the Apache License to your work
edtFTPnet v2.2.3
How to Apply These Terms to Your New Libraries
The Compiler Generator Coco
How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs
Lumisoft Mail Server v.093
Microsoft Ajax Control Toolkit v3.0.30930
Prototype JavaScript Framework v1.6.0.2
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