How to use SymHelp to diagnose and correct technical issues with Enterprise Vault

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Symantec Help (SymHelp) collects technical diagnostic data for many Symantec products. This note describes the uses of this tool for environments that have installed Enterprise Vault 9.0 and greater.

Scans can be run against the system for common issues as well as installation requirements.  The information presented in the Report and Information tabs not only shows the issues diagnosed, but it also provides actionable solutions.

Note: If self diagnosis attempts do not resolve the issue the tool has the ability to collect and upload data for a support case.

Run a diagnostic scan

  1. On the computer that has the problem, download and run SymHelp.

  2. Read the Symantec Technology License Agreement (EULA) that is displayed in the right hand pane of the window

  3. If you understand and accept the terms stated in the EULA then click the button I accept the EULA, otherwise click the Exit button.

  4. The SymHelp diagnostic tool opens to the Home tab

Figure: SymHelp diagnostic tool - Home tab

Section A: Choosing your Scans
Section B: Scan Status
Section C: Support Resources


Note: Support has created a video demonstration for an audio and video illustration of SymHelp.

Choosing your Scans

There are 5 scan options for SymHelp; Enterprise Vault support uses the following: 

Scan for common issues:

Generates reports about the health status of one or more installed products.

  1. Allows selection of one or more Installed Products

  2. Wait for the scan to complete; then review the Report and Infomation tabs 

Check product install requirements:
Generates reports that test whether your system meets the minimum requirements for installing the latest version of a product.

  1. Allows selection of Installed Products or Other Products


  2. Wait for the scan to complete; then review the Report and Infomation tab

Collect data for a support case:

Collects a set of data for Technical Support agents

  1. Allows selection of Installed Products or Other Products

  2. Select the type of data you wish to collect (default is Standard data for Support)

  3. Select which options are needed, only include additional SQL/Exchange/etc servers (separated by a comma) that are not currently listed within the Enterprise Vault environment.

  4. Once the scan completes please fill out the optional Customer Information, this will assist Technical Support when the data is analyzed, then choose Save and send data to Symantec Support

  5. A warning appears to inform you that the data SymHelp has collected will be uploaded to the Symantec FTP server. Click Yes.

  6. The file then saves and uploads to the Symantec FTP server.
  7. A dialog box appears that contains the path and file name of the report on the Symantec FTP server. Copy this file location, and provide it to a Symantec Technical Support Engineer.


Scan Status

Initially Scan Status does not contain any information indicating No scans have been run.

After a successfully completed scan, this report populates with a clickable listing of gathered information, which is sorted by the type of message.  All information from this menu is stored in the Report tab.


Video Demonstration:

How to Collect Data for Support with SymHelp.



Support Resources 

Support resources are available with SymHelp.  These options are provided to ease the process of contacting support.







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