Where are the Workflow Project variables configured

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The following variables appear in a workflow project, where are the variables configured?

  • ${MachineDefaultEnsembleURL}
  • ${MachineDefaultEnsemblePassword}
  • ${MachineDefaultEnsembleUserID}
  • ${MachineDefaultEnsembleIPAddress}


The project properties are configured within the Local Machine Server Configuration > Servers.  If a Server is configured without the Logicbase_ProcessManager server role, it will not pass any data to these variables. 


Using the Local Machine Configuration > Servers, click on Edit to view the configuration.  The following mappings are made between the settings and the project variables:

Deployment Root URL + Relative Path:                ${MachineDefaultEnsembleURL}
Password: ${MachineDefaultEnsemblePassword}
User ID: ${MachineDefaultEnsembleUserID}
Ip Address: ${MachineDefaultEnsembleIPAddress}


Note:  If multiple servers are configured with the Logicbase_ProcessManager role, you can select which server configuration the environment will use by selecting the desired Default Server in the Local Machine Configuration. 

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