Where can I add javascript functions to a webform?

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How do I add my own javascript functions to a webform?

You can add your own javascript functions to a webform using the following procedure.  When making javascripts within a webform, these function calls are case sensitive:

  1. With the webform open, right click on the form background and choose edit

  2. Click on the Behavior tab, and enter your function into the script section:

    Sample Function:

    function displaymessage()
    alert("Hello World!");

  3. Modify the component that will execute the event, and add a Custom Event of AttributesKeyValuePair

  4. Select a javascript event to capture:

  5. Enter your call to the function in the Event Handler field:

  6. Optional:  You may need to select the option to Specify Control ID if you are calling data from a component to a function, or if the function requires the ID of the component to execute.  Once selected, you may specify your own name, or use the name_GUID specified by default with this option.

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