SSM does not properly download CVA files for HP Softpaqs

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Why does the 'Update Filestore' button fail to generate the CVA file information for some HP Client Manager Softpaqs? (Resulting in the inability to deploy the Softpaq using the 'Softpaq Delivery Wizard')


This issue may occur in rare cases where a proxy setting or unusually compiled Softpaq is preventing the SSM tool from automatically retrieving or extracting a CVA file.

 To work around this problem, allowing proper deployment of these problematic Softpaqs through the 'Softpaq Delivery Wizard,' please use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the HP Softpaq FTP site: to download any CVA file that will not extract properly using the 'Update Filestore' button.
  2. Place the newly downloaded SPxxxxx.exe file and it's respective SPxxxxx.CVA file into the HP Filestore Directory.
    • Default is:  C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\HPCMS\Filestore
  3. Right click on each manually copied *.CVA file and select the 'Properties' option.   From the resulting window place a check in the Attributes: 'Read-Only' and click Ok.  (This is only necessary for the CVA files)
  4. Verify that each manually downloaded *.CVA file has been set to 'Read-Only.'
  5. In the console, navigate to 'HP SoftPaq Filestore Configuration' and click the 'Update Filestore' button to rebuild the CVA database.
  6. The newly added CVA files will now be available for Softpaq Delivery Tasks.

Note: CVA files that are manually placed in the HP Filestore MUST be set to 'Read-Only' - Failure to do this will result in the CVA file being deleted when the 'Update Filestore' Button is clicked.

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