Sorting the contracts on the summary pages for Master and Virtual License Agreements

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When viewing the summary pages for Master or Virtual Contract agreements in Resource Manager, it can be difficult to locate individual contracts when there are many contracts involved. How can I sort the contracts so that they appear in alphabetical order?


One way to order the tables on the summary pages is to add a small javascript function to the .NET code. You can download the modified pages in the zip file attached to this article and replace the existing pages which are located under \Altiris\ContractManagement\Web\Summary. Make copies of the original files (MasterLicenseSummary.aspx & VirtualLicenseSummary.aspx) in case you need to roll back the changes.

Finally, open the web.config file in the \Altiris\ContractManagement\Web folder with notepad and save it without making any changes (this forces .NET to recompile the pages the next time they are opened).

You will note that only the first three tables are sorted alphabetically. The final table is not given an id by the code which makes it more difficult to identify in the DOM. It should be possible to locate it however and extend the javascript to sort this table also.

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