How can we import images from 6.9 to 7.x, or move images in 7.x?

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Is it possible to use the images I created with Deployment Solution 6.9 in Deployment Solution 7.x?


Also, in Deployment Solution 7.x, how can I move an image from one storage location to another?


Importing Images:

Importing images created with DS 6.9 into DS7.0 is not supported, but can be done in DS 7.1 using a utility named ResourceImportTool.exe. It is important to note that if you do not have the Symantec Management Agent (Altiris Agent) installed in the image, that when it is booted the first time, any post-configuration tasks will not run because the agent cannot communicate with NS or DS.  The agent could possibly be injected, but we recommend recapturing the image after adding the NS Agent and the Deployment plug-in.

The ResourceImportTool.exe tool is located in the “\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\Deployment\Task Handler\Tools” folder.  When this tool is run, a command prompt and GUI interface are opened.  The import tool lets you select the image to import using a standard path or using a URL to a HTTP location. You must also select if the image was prepared using Microsoft’s Sysprep tool and the type of operating system the image contains.
Important: The OS selection is critical to a successful image import.

Note: Syspreped images are imported as DS 7.1 “Disk Image” disk image types. Non-Syspreped images are imported as a DS 7.1 “Back-up Image” disk image types. NOTE: If you have an image that was intended for distribution but was not created using Sysprep, specify that it was a sysprepped image anyway. You may have to restore such an image and then create a new image including the use of Sysprep.


Moving Images in DS 7.x:

With DS 7.x, moving image files to a different location than the one it was created in, is not currently supported because of the unique folder structure and resource entries created for each image file.  This limitation, however, can be overcome by making a “filler” image (of a DOS system or something small) at the new location where you want the image to be moved, and then replacing the image file (.IMG or .GHO) with the one from the "old" location.

Important: The name of the filler image MUST match the name of the image you want to move.




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