Why aren't Application Denial Emails being sent in Application Metering 7?

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Why don't I receive an Email when Application Metering denies the use of an Application that I have configured an 'Application Denial Policy' for?  (Application Metering 7.x only)


Note the following configuration and troubleshooting information regarding Application Denial Policies and Email using Application Metering:

  1. When configuring an Application Denial Policy, be sure to enable ALL of the following selections on the 'Options' tab of the policy:
    • Either: 'Only Deny running:' or 'Deny from running' must be selected.  Emails can only be sent for 'Denial' Policies.
    • 'Record usage events:' must be checked.  Choose the 'Start and Deny' or 'Deny' selection as well as the frequency: 'Daily' or 'Weekly' from the drop down box. 
      • Note: Selecting 'Daily' vs. 'Weekly' will affect the frequency at which the emails are sent.
    • Choose the 'Send an Email' option under the heading 'If run attempted during deny hours:' heading.
    • Verify that the 'Email ID:' field in the Mail Settings configuration window is accurate.
  2. Verify that the 'SMTP Server Settings' on the Notification Server Configuration page under the 'E-mail' tab are accurate:
    •  To test the NS Server Email Configuration: Click the 'Send Test E-Mail' button.   Ensure that the email arrives in the appropriate email inbox.

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