Barcode Solution 6.7 sp1 hotfix

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What do I need to know about the Hotfix for Barcode Solution 6.7 sp1?


Release Notes for Altiris® Barcode Solution 6.7 sp1 Hotfix 1

Installation and Configuration

Fixes in this Release

New Features


Installation and Configuration

Note: If you have issues with the installation, please contact Altiris Support Services at

Prerequisite Software

Barcode Solution 6.7, Barcode Hotfix KB41762, Barcode Hotfix KB 43358, Barcode Solution

Installing Barcode Hotfix KB48880

Download altiris_barcode_6_7_kb48880.exe from the following location:

Run altiris_barcode_6_7_kb48880.exe on the Notification Server.

Note: Hotfix KB4880 contains update to the Barcode Manager on the Host PC and Barcoder for the Handheld.  Best results would be to uninstall both and reboot both the host pc and the handheld before upgrading to the new versions.


Audit history for was showing duplicate entries for resource association.



Ownership data classes where not being sent to handheld and hence ownership information could not be modified.



 Boolean attribute of a data class was not stored correctly on handheld and was loosing its value when set to true.  Barcode  

New Features

  • Ownership Data class customization

    Cost Center Ownership and Ownership details data classes are now marked as optional data classes. If user does not select them in the synchronization profile, asset owner and cost center associations would be updated using picker controls on handheld. When the Ownership data classes are selected in the synchronization profile, asset owner and cost center associations are shown not shown on Associations tab in the View / Edit state. These associations are then updated through the data classes tab.



    Assign Barcode Disambiguation Screen

    If a serial number is scanned on Assign Barcode screen on handheld, and the scanned serial number is assigned to more than one asset then a list of matching assets is displayed with their name and type. User will have the ability to select the asset from the list and they can assign barcode to the selected asset. Previously, an error message was shown in this scenario.


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