AeXNSAgent.exe using High CPU while running the Software Discovery and/or Inventory tasks.

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AeXNSAgent.exe using High CPU while running the Software Discovery and/or Inventory tasks. An older PC or laptop may become slower at default Inventory Settings.


There appear to be two processes using high CPU and HDD resources:
1. The software discovery task runs at acceptable levels when using the Altiris Agent version 7.0.3569(SMP 7.0 Sp2).

2. The Software inventory or any inventory task uses high CPU resources. This can be resolved by lowering the inventory process priority.
This can be found in the Altiris Console > Manage > Policies > Discovery and Inventory > Inventory > Collect Full Inventory (or any other Inventory policy).
Click on the Advanced button in the right hand side. In the Advanced options window switch to the "Run Options" window. Adjust the "System resource usage:" combo box to change the priority.

3.  The steps to upgrade to Service Pack 2 of Symantec Management Platform are in the below release notes. The release notes under the installation or upgrade section include additional references to more details:
IMPORTANT: Please use the Console/Admin mode when making any new installation or upgrade and verify that you are logged on to the server with the session ID “0”. Please perform a complete Server and database backup before upgrading as this is a major upgrade.

4. On the same page where the Process Priority is set, you can overwrite the default inventory processing settings to process up to X files and then sleep for Y seconds.

The Default setting is 350 files and sleep for 40 milliseconds. We recommend testing different settings to find the perfect balance of speed and hard disk load. We recommend starting with processing 200 files and then sleep for 40 milliseconds.

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